DUP politician joins the growing list of bigots claiming coronavirus is God’s punishment for same-sex marriage

DUP politician claims coronavirus is God's wrath over same-sex marriage

DUP leader Arlene Foster is facing calls to denounce one of her party councillors who claimed coronavirus is God’s punishment for same-sex marriage.

Ballymena councillor John Carson wrote on Facebook that the coronavirus pandemic represents God’s judgement for an “immoral and corrupt” government that legalised abortion and same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland last year.

His public post, which has been ‘liked’ by the similarly problematic DUP MLA Trevor Clarke, compares himself to the biblical figure of Noah for warning people about the divine consequences of abortion reform.

“I said when abortion was legalised that our nation would be judged by GOD because of its departure from his word and the legalisation of the murder of the unborn child as well as same sex marriage,” Carson wrote.

“I was laughed at and mocked by some but as I said at the time they laughed at NOAH until the rain started. You reap what you sow and our nation is now reaping the judgement of GOD because of an immoral and corrupt government.

“It is time to repent and turn again to the GOD of our Fathers.”

Responding to criticism under the now-deleted post, Carson said he was entitled to an opinion. “They laughed and mocked my saviour too, but some day soon their laughs will turn to screams,” he said.

John Carson with DUP leader Arlene Foster (Facebook/John Carson)

Carson told the BBC he stood by his comments but refused to discuss the matter, saying: “I am not getting into a brickbat with the media on this.”

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, the LGBT+ advocacy group Rainbow Project slammed his comments as “disgraceful but not surprising”.

They called on First Minister and DUP leader Arlene Foster to denounce the “disgusting slur” and for the party to begin disciplinary proceedings.

The DUP has firmly distanced itself from Carson’s comments, saying that was expressing a personal opinion and not that of the party.

John Carson joins a ridiculously long list of bigots who have capitalised on the coronavirus crisis by blaming it on LGBT+ people, including an Iraqi cleric, an Israeli rabbi, several Muslim leaders of Ghana, an evangelical preacher, another evangelical preacher, yet another preacher, and Trump’s own bible studies teacher.