This gay couple and their dog spent their weekend staying home, saving lives and hilariously recreating Jurassic Park

Amid the coronavirus lockdown measures, a gay couple re-created the 1993 Jurassic Park film trailer shot for shot, with their french bulldog, Yolk. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Let’s be honest, we’re all spiralling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When people ask us what our plans are for tomorrow, what else are we to say other than: “I’m going to live the same day I’ve lived for the last month.”

But if you were to ask Anthony Baxter and Rob Slade what their plans were last weekend, well, you’d get an answer that’s different, to say the least.

The couple, based in London, re-created the 1993 Jurassic Park film trailer shot for shot, with their french bulldog, Yolk, being the breakout star in his role as ‘dinosaur #1’.

In a clip that, honestly, deserves to completely sweep the Academy Awards, the BAFTAs, the Golden Globes and every other film award ceremony known to human existence, it sees the pairs splice the actual movie with their homemade recreations.

“The dog was bored,” Baxter wrote on Twitter Sunday, “so he made us do this.”

Gay couple recreates Jurassic Park trailer and life is worth living again. 

From the grandchildren, Tim and Lex, to gamekeeper Robert Muldoon, head of news at London Live Baxter and Bauer creative strategy director Slade practically did the Lord’s work by parodying the movie with their own pup.

Hold on to your butts, because Yolk even wears a dinosaur onesie which is, objectively speaking, the best thing to come out of this quarantine epoch.

Quickly tallying up more than 6,700 views, the video, posted Sunday morning, drew countless applause from fellow lockdown Londoners and beyond.

Some were already demanding a sequel, which Anthony happily confirmed is a strong possibility.

But the sequel’s production might be stalled after another user suggested the couple do Titanic next. Anthony agreed and suggested Yolk will be cast as the iceberg.

We hope Yolk doesn’t receive a frosty reception from fans, however.

Overall, the nearly two-minute-long clip was the much-needed antidote to these trying times we live in.

We, for one, are eagerly awaiting the sequel.