Bisexual Carlton Morton wants a second chance at romance on Love is Blind season two after train wreck coming out moment

Carlton Morton Love is Blind bisexual

Love is Blind contestant Carlton Morton said he would welcome a spot on the second season after his train wreck coming out moment the first time around.

Carlton’s first go on Love is Blind ended in heartbreak, when his fiancée Diamond broke off their engagement in a furious row which stemmed from him coming out as bisexual

The Netflix series is currently casting for its second season, which Carlton said he would “absolutely” want to take part in if asked.

“I’m looking for love right now,” he told TMZ .

“So if someone started a season two today, I’d be like ‘let’s go to the pod’.

Love is Blind Carlton and Diamond

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack got engaged on the Netflix reality show Love is Blind. (Netflix)

“I want to find love… I’ve been reached out to be several companies and then the moment that I tell them my truth, they’re like, ‘Oh, this doesn’t work for our show.’

He added that Love is Blind was “open to starting the conversation about what LGBT+ love looks like for a show like this”.

“Why don’t you want someone that’s truthful on your show? [The Love is Blind production company] made me comfortable and took care of me.

“I would love to further my relationship with them and find love.”

Carlton Morton had a disastrous coming out moment on Love is Blind season one.

The Netflix show is a “social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person”.

The format sees singletons date while encased in pods where they can speak to but not see each other.

They are then encouraged to propose to each other, after which they can finally meet in person and test their relationship in the real world before getting married (or not).

In the first season of the show Carlton, 34, and Diamond, 28 completed ten days of pod dates before Carlton popped the question.

When they saw each other in person, they were just as in love and set off for a retreat in Mexico with the other engaged couples.

On the first night, Carlton sat Diamond down for a discussion, as he had not yet revealed to her that he was bisexual. However his coming out turned into a furious row and the couple broke off their engagement.

Asked by TMZ if he had a message for Diamond, Carlton said: “I just want to say that I love you unconditionally.

“Love is patient, love is kind, love is everything that we were fighting for in this social experiment. I just, in my heart, didn’t feel like the fight was over just yet.”