Love Is Blind season two might include LGBT+ people after all

Love is Blind

Love Is Blind is gearing up to cast its second season, and it turns out that LGBT+ people might be included after all.

After Netflix renewed the hit dating show for a second and third season, producer Chris Coelen clarified that his vision for the show didn’t allow for same-sex couples.

Coelen told Metro that the show “isn’t particularly about sexuality”, insisting that introducing LGBT+ relationships would create “logistical difficulties”.

However, it appears he may have changed his mind.

Season two casting asks would-be daters about their sexual preferences.

According to TMZ, application forms for Love is Blind season 2 include questions about sexuality, asking potential daters if they consider themselves “straight”, “gay”, “bisexual” or “other”.

The addition of questions on sexuality suggests that producers may have overcome these “logistical difficulties”, and are casting LGBT+ contestants.

Applicants are also asked to provide photos of their face and full body, which is bizarre for a show that focuses on love being blind.

Love is Blind divides critics.

Love is Blind has been described as both “the dystopian dating reality show we deserve” and “the final nail in the coffin of civilisation”.

The format sees singletons date while encased in “pods”, so they can speak but never see each other.

They are then encouraged to propose to each other, after which they can finally meet in person. They must then test their relationships in the real world, before getting married (or not).

Although the format was focused on straight pairings, there was a surprise coming out moment in season 1.

Carlton, 34, and Diamond, 28, completed ten days of “pod” dates before Carlton popped the question.

When they saw each other in person, they were just as in love and set off for a retreat in Mexico with the other engaged couples.

On the first night, Carlton sat Diamond down for a discussion, as he had not yet revealed to her that he was bisexual. However his coming out turned into a furious row and the couple broke off their engagement.