Attention, chaotic queers! The Ultimatum: Queer Love is casting for season two

The Ultimatum: Queer Love is casting

Big news for messy gays: another season of The Ultimatum: Queer Love is on its way, and casting is officially open. 

In a new casting call from the online agency Casting Crane, Netflix say they’re looking for couples who are at the “ready to marry or move on” stage to audition for the second series of the queer-themed Ultimatum spin-off, which will air next year. 

The casting call doesn’t say exactly what qualifies someone to be a member of the cast but if it’s anything like season one, it’ll be queer women and non-binary people.

Applicants need to be available between February 12 and April 10 2024, so now we know when producers expect to begin filming. Just make sure you give the last season a rewatch so you know it’s something you’re definitely, definitely up for.  

Which couples from The Ultimatum: Queer Love are still together?

Speaking of the last season, let’s take a look at where the pairings from The Ultimatum: Queer Love season one are at now, and which couples have made it out of the series together.

Sam and Aussie 

Sam and Aussie faced a lot of relationship struggles during their ultimatum (Instagram)

As of June 2023, Sam and Aussie, the only couple that remained together after The Ultimatum: Queer Love reunion, are preparing to get married. 

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Along with Lexi and Rae, Aussie and Sam were one of two couples who got engaged in the season finale. 

Even though they have some communication problems to resolve, Aussie and Sam are still organising their wedding, according to

Sam joked: “We were sitting watching TV on the couch, and I was like, ‘So, you know being engaged means you get married after. And it was like, deer in the headlights. Aussie didn’t make the connection.” 

Sam and Aussie had an instant connection that was “like something you see in movies” when they first met. 

Tiff and Mildred 

Which couples from The Ultimatum: Queer Love are still together?
Tiff and Mildred’s ultimatum didn’t work out the way they’d hoped (Instagram)

Tiff and Mildred acknowledged that they frequently quarrelled, struggled to communicate, and broke up several times a month before reconciling. The reality show experiment, Mildred said, was intended to “help us decide whether we want to move forward”.

Ultimately, the couple decided to break up, with allegations of domestic abuse rising during the reunion episode.

Tiff left the reunion early, and told Netflix’s Tudum that it was a distressing experience.

“I had four months of complete peace and healing,” they said. “I had no ill intent toward [Mildred] and then she berates me onstage and it ripped open a huge Band-Aid for me. All the trauma I went through with her, the arguments we had and me just feeling humiliated and gaslit.” 

Xander and Vanessa 

Which couples from The Ultimatum: Queer Love are still together?
Vanessa was quickly considered the villain of The Ultimatum: Queer Love season one. (Instagram)

Throughout The Ultimatum: Queer Love, the problems in Vanessa and Xander’s relationship completely changed. The ultimatum was initially given to Vanessa by Xander, but she soon realised she was falling for Yoly, her trial partner, just as Vanessa was prepared to commit.

Zander and Vanessa were the only couple to enter The Ultimatum: Queer Love and not get engaged at the end of the ultimatum’s time limit. Instead, they split up.

“I love you as a friend, and I think it took this experience to realize that we shouldn’t be together,” Vanessa told Xander during the reunion.

Xander says that she knew during filming that their relationship had run its course. “If I was really listening to my intuition, which I was not doing a good job of before, I probably wouldn’t have even been on the show, honestly,” Xander told TODAY.

The first season closed with Xander finding Yoly after splitting with Vanessa, and appearing to be starting a relationship with her instead. 

Even before their split scene was filmed, Xander realised that her relationship with Vanessa had reached its conclusion.

During the reunion episode, it seemed that neither of them were in a relationship.

“I am dating, trying to find someone who feels special, who feels like potential marriage material,” Vanessa said at the reunion. 

Lexi and Rae 

Which couples from The Ultimatum: Queer Love are still together?
Lexi and Rae were engaged by the end of their ultimatum. (Instagram)

The Ultimatum: Queer Love finished with Lexi and Rae blissfully engaged and beginning to plan their wedding. When discussing their relationship, Rae said: “This last year has been amazing.”

Sadly, the honeymoon period did not continue. The pair split up soon after making an appearance at the reunion, according to a title card at the episode’s conclusion.

Lexi explained during a press conference: “We had a great four and a half years together, but when we’re looking for a life partner, maybe there’s things that we’re looking for that are different and things we couldn’t get past from the show.” 

Rae also told TODAY that she doesn’t regret proposing to Lexi, even if their engagement fell through. “I’m happy that I went where my heart was at in that moment. I think following your gut is so important,” she told TODAY.

To a lot of fans’ surprise, Lexi is not dating her trial partner Mal either, though the two remain close friends. Lexi is instead dating a photographer, and seems smitten if her Instagram is anything to go by

Xander and Yoly 

Which couples from The Ultimatum: Queer Love are still together?
Xander and Yoly hit it off when they were matched up for a trial marriage. (Netflix)

Yoly and Xander did not enter The Ultimatum: Queer Love together, but were paired together during the trial marriage and appeared to click with each other perhaps more strongly than any other couple.

Yoly cherished how her trial partner respected her decisions and communicated openly, and Xander was thrilled to meet someone who wasn’t afraid of commitment given that they were both ultimatum givers. 

After the reconciliation, Xander later admitted that their chemistry “wasn’t hitting the same way.” As promised, they did meet up at Coachella, but according to Xander, there was still some “unresolved” resentment. So, they are no longer together either. 

Of course, this also means that Mal and Yoly, who entered the show together, have also broken up. Of course, this also means that Mal and Yoly, who entered the show together, have also broken up. Going off of Mal and Yoly’s respective Instagram feeds, they both appear to be happily single.

Of all the couples who entered the show, and the couples who got matched up with new partners, only one is still together today. Maybe keep in mind that you might have to experience a very public breakup if you pop that application form in.

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