Teaser trailer and new details emerge for brand new one-off Tiger King episode, dropping on Netflix this weekend

The Tiger King and I: New episode of Netflix's hit series to air this weekend

Tiger King, the Netflix show that captivated a world stuck inside because of coronavirus, is back this weekend with a brand new episode.

“The Tiger King and I” is a one-off after show, hosted by Joel McHale and featuring interviews with many of the people fans of the show will recognise, including the calm park manager, John Reinke, the only not-awful person in the show, Saff, and Jeff and Lauren Lowe.

Animal rights warrior and leopard-print aficionado Carole Baskin has already confirmed that she will not be appearing in any future Tiger King endeavours.

Joe Exotic is currently in prison, where he is reportedly self-isolating against coronavirus.

The new bonus episode will air on April 12.

“The Tiger King and I”, which is the eighth instalment of the hit show, will look at what’s happened in the lives of the Tiger King stars since the series was released.

“It’s eye-opening,” McHale says, in the 43-second preview clip released by Netflix, “and hopefully funny.”

McHale, who has “Netflix” apparently tattooed on his lower stomach, where Joe Exotic’s husband John Finlay once had a “Property of Joe Exotic” tattoo, is known for hosting shows like Card Sharks and also appeared in cult classic sitcom Community.

Tiger King was originally released on Netflix on March 20 – just days before the UK government implemented a national lockdown, at a time when people around the world were confined at home as authorities tried to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Perhaps as a result, those who starred in the documentary are now world-famous and fans have been clamouring for more content, having quickly devoured the seven original episodes.

But not everyone was pleased with the bonus episode announcement.

But not everyone was annoyed to learn that there would be new content to take our minds off the pandemic – some people are already looking beyond “The Tiger King and I” and into the future, that strange and uncertain time.