The Last of Us Part II is rumoured to be a tale of bloody revenge against a homophobic Christian cult

The Last of Us Part II: Homophobic cult may have been just a rumour

The Last of Us Part II will, according to sources familiar with the video game, will feature a “homophobic Christian cult” as its antagonists.

According to a since-deleted 4chan post, the leak was an “immediate family member of someone working at Naughty Dog”, the game’s developers, according to screenshots of the original post.

The source claimed that the main driving force of the game’s plot will be the budding romance between Ellie and Rita.

What will happen in Last of Us Part II?

The original video game, released in 2013, follows Joel and Ellie as they venture across the United States in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

It was released to critical acclaim and has since amassed a huge fan following.

The video game depicted Ellie as queer and showed her kissing her best friend Riley, and the trailer for the game’s sequel showed her kissing another character called Dina.

Dina’s role in the game is expanded on by the source, who alleges that Dina is bisexual and that the first act ends with a moment between the two before they are assailed by the religious sect called the “Seraphites”.

In the ensuing attack, Dina is killed. Ellie vows to revenge her.

It comes after Ellie navigates a love triangle between her, Dina and Jesse, who is Dina’s outgoing boyfriend.

The game’s main villains are minority-hating Christians immune to the infection, apparently.  

“The Seraphites believe they are angels cleansing the wasteland,” the leak claimed, “the old ‘the end of the world is cause of the sinners’ trope.”

Members of the group are called “lambs” and have shaved heads, while their enemies are “wolves” and consists primarily of minority groups.

What unites the group, the source continued, is their individual immunity to the Cordyceps Brain Infection.

The source even provides details of the ending of the game, which will dramatically draw Ellie’s relationship arc to a close.

But whether or not these claims are true to come as the game’s release has been delayed indefinitely as developers and distributors deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.