Woman bizarrely claims it’s ‘female’ to eat dessert: ‘Fellas, is it gay to eat sweet foods after a meal?’

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Every now and again, something crops up online that makes everyone sit up and collectively scratch their heads in confusion. Reader, this is one of those moments.

The internet has gathered in mutual confusion and irritation after a woman said it’s a “red flag” when she sees a man ordering dessert because it’s “a female thing to do”.

The tweet has been liked more than 3,000 times, but she has also been dragged in practically every corner of Twitter for her outrageous views.

In a follow-up tweet, she added: “If a guy is on a date with a woman, the woman should be the only one asking for appetisers and dessert. Men eat MEALS. Like, seriously. You can just taste some of whatever I ordered.”

Twitter users asked: ‘Is it gay to eat dessert after a meal?’

The Twitter user has faced plenty of criticism for her offensive approach to masculinity. Actor and singer Brett Gray waded into the replies to tell her that the tweet is “so f**king stupid”.

Meanwhile, author Elexus Jionde commented: “Fellas… is it gay to eat sweet foods after a meal?”

Plenty of people used the tweet as a prime opportunity to have some fun.

The tweet prompted gay men everywhere to feel thankful for their sexuality so they don’t have to worry about dessert being “female”.

The best tweet on the whole fiasco didn’t have to say anything at all. Sometimes images speak louder than words.

This isn’t the first time the internet has united in collective confusion when it comes to outrageous, outdated views on masculinity.

In January, a straight man shared a picture of his new chair and noted that it was “comfortable”, but hastened to add that he was “no homo”, because of course. Twitter went into overdrive, asking: “Is it gay to be comfortable?”

Judging by these bizarre standards, straight men have incredible difficult lives. They aren’t allowed to appreciate sunsets, fruity cocktails and recycling without having their masculinity called into question.

For anyone at the back who didn’t get the memo, it’s 2020 – it’s well past time to drop your obsession with things being “gay”.