This guy remixed the BBC News theme with Dua Lipa in the most ambitious crossover event in history

Someone blended the BBC News and BBC World intro themes with Dua Lipa's "Hallucinate" and it's glorious. (Christopher Polk/Getty)

In news that is well and truly breaking, a queer man remixed the British and World BBC News intro themes with “Hallucinate” by Dua Lipa and it is, frankly, the LGBT+ agenda.

Ben Howell, based in Glasgow, Scotland, dropped the edit Monday evening, blending the “certified bop” that is the broadcaster’s theme with the singer’s 2020 song from her lockdown album Future Nostalgia.

The most ambitious crossover event in human history? Probably.

Howell’s mentions have already been flooded with applause and praise for the recreation, with several BBC staffers lauding the song as well as asking if they can feature it on today’s programming.

Radio presenter Greg James demands that Dua Lipa edit become official BBC News theme tune. 

Leading the brigade was Greg James, who demanded that the BBC News desk play its “new theme tune” which is a “certified banger”.

“Please change with immediate effect,” he added, before he blasted the edit on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

As Howell tucked into his cornflakes, he didn’t quite imagine that his edit would be played across the likes of the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show as well as BBC Radio Manchester’s Make A Difference desk.

BBC newsreader Sophie Raworth even hinted that the Dua Lipa song might be featured on the broadcaster’s 6pm slot. 

And the BBC’s press team said they’d “have a word with the bosses”.

Some fans even called for the singer herself to react, much to Howell’s disbelief. 

And it’s even started to divide BBC News theme song stans and Lipa stans, a sentence we never expected to type in our lifetimes, but there you go. 

The remix even got the blessing from gay Welsh weather presenter Owain Wyn Evans, who recently went viral for his own recreation of the theme song with drums

The difference, however, between Howell’s and Evans’ versions? Evans’ was officially broadcast on the news.

Your move, BBC News.