Robyn impersonates drunk Brits singing Dancing on My Own and we feel very, very attacked

Robyn appeared to impersonate her often wildly drunk, widely homosexual British fanbase and they all felt vert, very attacked. (Screen captures via TikTok)

Here we were, idly carrying out our daily lives, grasping on the straws of normality and here comes singer Robyn attacking us all.

What did we do to deserve this, Robyn?

The Swedish pop star took to TikTok Tuesday to absolutely decimate British fans by putting on her, uh, ‘best’ British accent and sing the chorus to her anthem “Dancing On My Own”.

A song which, some music historians claim, invented LGBT+ rights.

@robynkonichiwaLager Lout ##dancingonmyown♬ original sound – robynkonichiwa

“Lager Lout”, Robyn, 40, captioned the footage, which showed her in all-black and clenching a glass of white wine.

As the clip made the jump to Twitter, users considered it a not-s0-subtle broadside against gay British singer Calum Scott, who did his own take on her song which went on to be lapped up by heterosexual audiences.

“And STILL better than C*l*m Sc*tt,” one user, whose hearing is impeccable, sniped.

Another added: “There were no survivors.”

“I think that she was telling us that she completely hates how Calum Scott stole her song,” a user suggested, “and the Brits have ruined it for everyone, and I stan.”

While British Robyn fans, it seems, wholly accepted the star’s read of them. 

While some fans went on the offensive.