M3gan dolls dance to Taylor Swift and we don’t know how to feel

The internet’s newest gay icon – the titular robotic doll in horror film M3gan – performed an eight-woman routine to Taylor Swift at the film’s premiere.

M3gan was proclaimed a new gay icon after she was introduced to the world in a film trailer that mixed gory horror with flawless choreography.

Now, the film has received its world premiere – where eight M3gan dancers danced outside the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles to Taylor Swift’s song “It’s Nice To Have A Friend”.

It’s a fitting soundtrack, given that the film’s centres on robot M3gan’s role as a young girl’s “best friend”, which turns out slightly more murderous than anticipated.

“How about a #M3GAN dance choreographed to Taylor Swift with 8 M3GANs?”, The Hollywood Reporter journalist Chris Gardner tweeted with a video of the surreal performance.

The dance is truly creepy, complete with deadpan stares, full costume, robotic movements, poised angular arms and the dolls ‘shutting down’ and then turning back on after the performance has finished.

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Twitter has erupted, not least because on user pointed out that: “You know Taylor had to approve this so i’m just trying to imagine her face during the pitch meeting.”

So are we, to be honest.

Other users of Twitter had more blunt reactions to the clip.

“Too high for this”, one wrote.

Another said: “Oompa loompas if they slayed”

“Radio City Rockettes dealing with some budget cuts this Christmas,” a third joked.

M3gan is out in theatres on 13 January, 2023, and is sure to feature more creepy dancing, probably some murder – but maybe not as much Taylor Swift