Queer icon Cate Blanchett shares her favourite films with themes of ‘hope and home’ to help people through coronavirus lockdown

Cate Blanchett coronavirus

Mrs America star Cate Blanchett has shared a list of her five favourite films with themes of “hope and home” to help people get through the coronavirus pandemic.

Blanchett, who became a favourite in the LGBT+ community for her Oscar-nominated turn in Carol and is currently appearing in Hulu’s Mrs America, shared the list in her role as a United Nations refugee council ambassador.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) partnered with IMDb to release the list, which Blanchett shared in a video recorded from her home.

In it, she said she is staying at home “as part of the global effort to keep each other safe in these very trying times.”

Cate Blanchett lists five films with themes of hope to help people get through coronavirus lockdown.

“I’ve also been thinking about family and how fortunate I feel to be here right now at home, with my family, and thinking about those who are tragically unable to be with theirs,” Blanchett added.

She said the pandemic encouraged her to create a list of films that have themes of hope to help people get through a difficult time.

Blanchett’s recommended films are: Capernaum, Shoplifters, News from Home, The Other Side of Hope, Babel and The Joy Luck Club.

Mrs America star is currently isolating in England.

In a statement, the acclaimed actress said: “COVID-19 has affected all of us and we have seen what it has done in countries with strong and robust health care systems but now we’re seeing the spread to countries with weaker systems and it’s putting the lives of millions at risk.”

She spoke of the particular challenges facing refugees during the pandemic, noting that many will be unable to practice social distancing and many may not have access to essential goods such as soap.

While the actress is currently isolating in England, she is keeping busy promoting her new television series, the FX drama Mrs America.

In the series, Blanchett plays real-life conservative campaigner Phyllis Schlafly, who fought tirelessly against the women’s liberation movement in 1970s America.