This woman realising her chickens are in a lesbian relationship is the ultimate quarantine love story

These lesbian chickens are the ultimate quarantine love story

Two hens brought together in quarantine have fallen in love, and the story of how their owner realised she had lesbian chickens will melt your heart.

Nothing about the match between the lovebirds was planned.

In a viral Twitter thread, Amanda Brunton shared how she realised her two chickens were in a lesbian relationship.

The first chicken, Domino, was not actually Amanda’s hen – she was a runaway, lost in the field’s near Amanda’s house.

Because they knew she kept hens, Amanda’s neighbours brought Domino to her – but Domino wasn’t Amanda’s.

After six weeks living in Amanda’s bathroom while she tried to find Domino’s owners, Amanda realised that she was going to be keeping the little chicken.

But because Domino was so small, Amanda decided to get a bigger companion for her before letting her in with the rest of the flock.

Introducing Michelle Obrahma: a big grey hen who was supposed to act as Domino’s protector.

But things didn’t go as planned.

Turns out, Michelle is afraid of her own shadow and gets picked on by the other chickens.

Domino, on the other hand, is small but extremely assertive, and had to be very carefully introduced to the other chickens because she kept attacking them.

Finally, Domino had asserted herself enough and was at the top of the pecking order.

But Amanda noticed something odd – when Michelle failed to get any of the treats she brought, Domino would collect extra and take them back to Michelle.

The two hens would have romantic dinners together away from the other chickens, and began sharing dust baths together.

In the hen house, Domino and Michelle didn’t take a perch each like all the other chickens.

Instead, the lesbian chickens slept on the same perch together, with one snuggled up under the others wing.

Until this point, Amanda had blithely been putting their behaviour down to them being good friends.

But when she spoke to her chicken breeder and told him about the things Domino did for Michelle – bringing her treats and extra food, and staying with her so they could eat together – the breeder gently set her straight.

Domino’s behaviour was that of a rooster wooing a hen, she said – and Amanda realised that, unbeknownst to her, she’d had a lesbian chicken couple in her coop this whole time.

Finishing off the clucking beautiful love story of her lesbian chickens, Amanda added a postscript to the Twitter thread where she shared the story.

While Michelle has only laid two eggs in the entire year Amanda has had her, Domino is a regular layer – but her eggs are green.

After all, brown eggs are just so heteronormative.