This model bravely came out to her parents as bisexual by baking them a cake – and their reaction belongs in the Louvre


YouTuber Tatiana Ringsby captured the emotional moment she came out to her parents as bisexual, and their heartwarming reaction was everything we wanted to see.

Tatiana, a 20-year-old model from Hawaii, took to TikTok over the weekend to share a video of herself making the important announcement.

She decided to let a cake do the talking for her and presented her parents with a homemade bake decorated with the words “Surprise I’m bi” in icing.

“Finally coming out to my parents today,” she captioned the clip, which was filmed by her brother Justin.

The video shows Tatiana entering the kitchen holding the cake and setting it expectantly in front of her parents, who pause for a moment to read the words.

“Surprise, I’m… bi?” her mother reads. “Racial?” her father adds, respecting the time-honoured tradition of deploying dad jokes at awkward moments.

“Bisexual!” Tatiana says with tears in her eyes. “Oh, good for you!” her mother cries, and both jump up to give her a long hug.

“We love you no matter what,” they add, proving themselves the epitome of supportive parenting.

@tringsbyfinally came out to my parents and you guys!! ???? ##comingout ##bisexual ##lgbt ##lgbtq♬ original sound – tringsby

The emotional moment was cut short by Tatiana’s brother, who jumps in to say: “We can go out to the club in LA and pick up girls together!”

“We totally can,” Tatiana says, laughing.

The YouTuber later shared the happy moment with her followers on social media.

“Can’t even explain the weight that’s been lifted off my shoulders,” she tweeted. “My dad says ‘You can come out every week if you’re going to continue making cakes!'”