LGB Alliance fundraising page ripped down – twice – after ‘violent and abusive’ language and campaign of abuse against gay MP

LGB Alliance

The anti-trans lobby group LGB Alliance has had not one but two fundraising pages taken down, following an abusive campaign against gay MP John Nicolson and “violent and abusive” language from its supporters.

Fundraising platforms JustGiving and GoFundMe have both permanently removed pages set up by the pressure group.

This follows weeks of targeted harassment and abuse from its supporters against gay SNP politician John Nicolson, who attracted the attention of the fringe group when he began publicly voicing support for the trans community.

The LGB Alliance encouraged its supporters to donate to their JustGiving fundraiser in Nicolson’s name and tweeted the messages their supporters left on their page – including multiple messages in which Nicolson was called a homophobe and a misogynist.

LGB Alliance supporter Fred Sargeant called gay MP John Nicolson a “homophobe”.

Nicolson told PinkNews that he welcomed JustGiving’s decision to take down the “transphobic” LGB Alliance’s fundraising page.

“LGB Alliance is a hate group which encourages the trolling of trans people and those who champion their rights,” Nicolson said.

“They’re not registered as a charity. Their accounts are unpublished. And their operating methods on social media are sinister and intended to intimidate.”

JustGiving confirmed that the LGB Alliance’s fundraising page had been permanently removed, adding that “violent and abusive language” is not tolerated.

“We expect everyone on our platform to treat others with respect and set this out clearly in our guidelines for users,” a JustGiving spokesperson told PinkNews.

“Violent and abusive language on the site will not be tolerated and pages which contravene our guidelines are removed.”

On Twitter, the LGB Alliance falsely claimed that its JustGiving account was removed “in relation to the success of the recent campaign”.

The group then doubled down on its efforts by setting up a GoFundMe page, which was also taken down mere hours later.

The LGB Alliance’s GoFundMe was removed hours after the group set it up.

What is the LGB Alliance?

The LGB Alliance was set up six months ago, claiming to advocate for lesbians, gays and bisexuals – a claim immediately and fiercely disputed by lesbians, gays and bisexuals themselves, who called it out for being anti-trans.

Senior Labour politicians and trans allies have also condemned the group for being a “transphobic hate group”, which it strongly denies.

The controversial group has raised tens of thousands of pounds on fundraising platforms.

The funds from its supporters – which include neo-Nazis who the LGB Alliance has refused to denounce – have paid for newspaper adverts opposing trans rights and calling trans women “predators”, as well as a much-derided logo redesign, a pop song and a February conference in Scotland to which it invited a confirmed homophobe to speak about how LGBT+ clubs in schools are dangerous to girls.

An LGB Alliance supporter tweeted this picture of a panel on which Women Make Glasgow made the anti-gay comment, at the LGB Alliance’s “Scotland launch”. (Twitter/MerchaniVal)

This view is shared by LGB Alliance founder Malcolm Clark, who opposes LGBT+ clubs in schools because of the risk of “predatory gay teachers”.

The “transphobic hate group” is currently applying to be registered as a UK charity – something that tens of thousands of people are protesting against.

PinkNews has contacted the LGB Alliance for comment.