Matt Bomer has a sassy take on ‘objectifying’ meme comparing him to every other tall, white Ryan Murphy leading man ever

(Clockwise) Actors Cheyenne Jackson, Fin Wittrock, Max Greenfield Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer. (Getty Images)

Five men stand in front of you: Actors Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Fin Wittrock, Max Greenfield and Wes Bentley.

To some folks, apparently, being able to identify these men from left to right would not only daunting, buy nigh impossible.

A tweet about not being able to name the five men went viral last Saturday, prompting not only a debate about the casting tendencies favouring white men with square jawlines but for Bomer himself to comment.

Matt Bomer joked about being ‘objectified’ by meme that compares him to other Ryan Murphy male leads. 

Bomer (far left, as an FYI) took to Twitter Tuesday to praise his Hollywood colleagues featured as well as make a wry crack about how they’re “objectified”.

“I love all of these men and their unique talents,” the 42-year-old wrote. “But if you’re going to line us up and objectify us every few months like Ryan Murphy‘s version of a Hitchcock blonde…

“Then I’ve got dibs on Grace Kelly.”

When the original poster of the tweet apologised to Bomer, writing “Sorry, sir, I just really didn’t know your name,” Bomer clarified that it was all in jest.

“It’s just a joke!” he wrote. “Don’t feel bad – sending love and best wishes for all.”

Bomer, the most wholesome man in Hollywood, then doubled down on his tweet being a joke and involved “zero dragging”.

“Hitchcock blonde” is a reference to how, for a bulk of his most memorable films, director Alfred Hitchcock tended to cast icy blonde white women, such as Kelly and Janet Leigh.

Considering that Bomer, Jackson, Wittrock, Greenfield and Bentley have all starred in a Murphy production, well. No comment.

Wittrock even called dibs on Leigh, much to Bomer’s delight. 

Trolls even attempted to tussle with Matt Bomer, provoking none another than Joe Manganiello to demolish them. 

As Bomer’s barbed joke took off, he called on followers to donate to LGBT+ homeless network CenterLink. 

The network thanked him for the shout-out, dubbing him the “handsomest Grace Kelly ever”.

Facts are facts.

The original poster of the meme even added that they’ve donated to the organisation.