Drag Race star Gigi Goode slated after mocking Britney Spears with ‘tone deaf’ shaved head joke

Gigi Goode and Britney Spears

Drag Race season 12 frontrunner Gigi Goode has been criticised after joking about Britney Spears’ mental health struggles.

Gigi Goode referenced Britney’s 2007 breakdown while jumping on Twitter’s “birthday twin” hashtag.

The trend sees users share an image of themselves alongside a celebrity born on the same day as them. Both Gigi and Britney celebrate their birthdays on December 2.

Gigi’s effort involved a photo of herself wearing a bald cap during Drag Race’s Snatch Game, posted with an image of Britney after she shaved her head in a moment of crisis, following years of harassment by the media.

Fans called Gigi Goode out for her “sad and unnecessary” pop at the singer.

Britney Spears’ mental health struggles played out under paparazzi’s glare.

Images of Britney Spears shaving her head in a beauty salon became prime tabloid fodder in 2007, when the singer was aged 26.

About a year later she was hospitalised under a 5150 psychiatric hold, an incident which would be repeated just weeks later.

Britney has since spent years rebuilding her career and winning back shared custody of her two sons.

But like many, she continues to work on her mental wellbeing. Last year she alluded to “taking a little me” after it was reported she had checked herself into a treatment facility for 30 days, shortly after her father suffered a life-threatening colon rupture.

Britney Spears. (VALERIE MACON / AFP) (Photo credit should read VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Britney Spears making a rare red carpet appearance.(Getty/Valerie Macon)

Since then she has made only a small number of public appearances, and has put her music career on hold – though she remains active on social media.

The media’s reporting on Britney’s health has become markedly different to the stories published more than a decade prior, with many noting the shift in tone away from sensationalism and towards a more empathetic approach.

However, there remain those who use Britney as a punchline, including many so-called fans on social media.

PinkNews has contacted Gigi Goode for comment.