Drag Race’s All Stars 2 legends reunited for a quarantine edition of ‘Read U Wrote U’ and it was made well and truly clear

Alaska, Katya, Roxxxy Andrews and Detox reunited to perform Read U Wrote U.

Drag Race royalty Alaska, Katya, Detox and Roxxxy Andrews reunited to perform their iconic All Stars 2 song “Read U Wrote U” for RuPaul’s Digital DragCon.

The phrase cultural reset is banded around a lot, but when historians look back on the 21st century, it’s certain that they’ll pinpoint the Drag Race All Stars 2 finale as the moment that sparked the most change – specifically, the top four’s “Read U Wrote U” performance.

Almost four years A.D. (after Drag Race All Stars 2), the queens responsible for this most iconic of TV episodes reunited virtually as part of RuPaul’s Digital DragCon.

Alaska, Detox, Katya and Roxxxy Andrews gave a sickening “Quarantine Edition” performance of their ode to the library – socially distanced, of course.

Among the highlights were: Roxxxy eating an actual pork chop.

Katya holding up Lenin propaganda and tearing pages out of Carl Sagan’s Contact.

And Alaska losing her mind at Roxxxy being here to make it clear.

Season 10 winner Aquaria was among those left gagging by the reunion.

“I can’t even see this video because my phone turned clear,” she wrote when Roxxxy shared the clip to Instagram.

Throughout the performance Detox covered her face with Animoji. She later clarified on Instagram: “Before you read me and write me, I had just had an invasive facial treatment to help with my scarring more a couple of days before we got the deadline for this and I was unable to put on makeup.

“But there was no way I was missing out on this!”

Elsewhere during Digital DragCon, Drag Race UK’s Frock Destroyers reunited… sort of.

Blu Hydrangea multiplied herself to perform “Break Up, Bye Bye” as herself, Divina de Campo and Baga Chipz.