Elton John congratulated Anderson Cooper on officially becoming a daddy with the sweetest phone call

Sir Elton John

Anderson Cooper has revealed that Sir Elton John called him to welcome him to the “gay dads club”.

The CNN anchor revealed earlier this month that he has welcomed a son, Wyatt Morgan Cooper, who was born via a surrogate in the midst of the pandemic.

The new dad, who is co-parenting the new baby with his former partner Benjamin Maisani, spoke to close friend Andy Cohen for his SiriusXM show.

Elton John was ‘really sweet’ in reaching out.

Cooper said of the warm response he had received: “People called me who I never talk to on the phone, but were really sweet in reaching out.

“I got a call from Elton John, and I was like, oh my God! You know, I’ve interviewed him a few times and stuff over the years, but [I wasn’t expecting it].”

Cohen, who welcomed his own son Ben in 2019, revealed that Sir Elton also sent him a gift when he became a father – quipping that he was “welcoming you officially to the gay dads club”.

The Watch What Happens Live host continued: “I love it that he called. He sent me this Gucci shirt and Gucci shorts [for Ben] and I was like, ‘How cool!’

“I’ve met Elton John once so maybe he is kinda welcoming us into the gay dads club.”

Cooper agreed: “He’s paved the way in a lot of different ways. It was just lovely. It was really really cool.”

Sir Elton John called Anderson Cooper to congratulate him

Sir Elton John called Anderson Cooper to congratulate him

Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish have two sons, Elijah and Zachary, who are nine and seven.

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen could end up hosting a virtual New Year’s Eve show.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cooper and Cohen reflected on whether their joint New Year’s Eve show will be able to go ahead if the coronavirus crisis is not over by the end of the year.

The duo have quickly become a staple of New Year’s Eve coverage on CNN, with the duo respecting the time-honoured tradition of getting wasted on live TV.

Cohen suggested that the pair could do the show “broadcasting from your living room”.

Cooper said: “I was thinking about this, and I think it actually could be great.

“I don’t know if it’s you and I together – assuming they want us! No one’s talked to me about it, and every year I always think I’m going to get fired!

“But I think it would be really fun to Zoom people in. It makes drinking every hour a lot easier.”