A Christian fundamentalist group is fuming that PBS is airing an LGBT+ Pride month series and pushing the ‘homosexual agenda’

Prideland is a PBS series that will debut June 12. (PBS)

A right-wing Christian fundamentalist group launched Friday (May 15) an attack against the Public Broadcast Station (PBS) for “promoting homosexuality” with its Pride month content.

In other, less homophobic terms, PBS are airing a series of shows on Pride Month titled Prideland. Oh, the horrors.

The American Family Association, a hate group committed to “combating the homosexual agenda”, issued a winding statement on its website calling on supporters to sign a petition to “cancel Prideland on PBS”.

In the statement, the group decried Prideland, called being gay “unnatural” and “unhealthy”, but also pretty much provided all the information a potential viewer would need to go and watch it.

The petition has, at the time of writing, more than 38,000 signatures. Signing it has the signatories agree that the broadcaster is “making a mockery of the Bible and God’s design for human sexuality.”

Religious hate group hound PBS for airing LGBT-focused YouTube series. 

“PBS is going all out in the month of June to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month by launching a six-episode series of short videos on a dedicated YouTube channel created by its Digital Studios,” the statement said.

“Each Tuesday, beginning May 26, PBS will release a Prideland vignette focusing on an LGBTQ+ person and how that person deals with the ever-changing attitudes of Southern communities toward homosexual lifestyles.

“On June 12, PBS will offer its member television stations the opportunity to air a one-hour companion special featuring series host and homosexual activist Dyllón Burnside.”

Well, thank you American Family Association for providing all the relevant information we need to go ahead and watch this series. So helpful!

After sketching out the series’ premise, the group dialled-up the homophobia, however.

“PBS’s decision to partner with Burnside to push the homosexual agenda is an unjust attack on Christianity and a mockery of the Bible and God’s design for human sexuality,” the statement continued.

“Sadly, PBS is proudly promoting a lifestyle that is unhealthy to both the individual who participates in the unnatural sexual behaviour and to society as a whole.

“In 2020, PBS received $445 million in taxpayer funding. This means you and I are directly paying for PBS to insult our faith and scoff at our God.”

The group added that videos in the series will “highlight transgenders, same-sex adoptions and sexual ‘hookups’.”

We’re unsure why the need to put hookup in quotation marks, to be honest.