Adore Delano shares harrowing, heartbreaking video of queer Latinx friend being terrorised by police while simply walking home

Adore Delano

Drag Race royalty Adore Delano has shared a video of a Latinx friend being harassed by police while walking home from work.

Adore Delano posted her friend’s Instagram live video depicting the incident on Twitter, and wrote: “My friend got arrested for WALKING. HOME. TODAY.

“On Hollywood Boulevard where most people WALK HOME from work (including myself sometimes).

“Listen closely to what the officers are saying on the speakers in the background.”

In the video, her friend can be heard saying to those they are with: “We should go… the cops are coming so we should be away from here so they don’t attack us.”

Warning – the below video contains violence.

Adore Delano shares video of friend being confronted by police.

Parts of Los Angeles have implemented curfews after widespread protests against ongoing police brutality, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

Adore’s friend, who on Instagram identifies as a queer person of colour and a gay Latino, was under the impression that if they were on their way home it would not break the curfew.

While they are quickly walking down Hollywood Boulevard to the sound of sirens, police officers shouting can be heard in the background.

Suddenly they dropped to the ground with their hands above their head, pleading: “Stop, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything. I’m sorry, I swear, I didn’t do anything.”

The barrel of a shotgun can be seen in the Instagram live, held by a policeman in riot gear, who yelled at them: “Shut the f**k up… don’t f**king move.”

They continued to say: “I didn’t do anything, I’m just letting you know because I’m scared,” before the video cut out.

Later that day they said in another Instagram Live that they had been arrested, but that they were out of jail and were okay.

They added: “I was terrified. I legit thought he was going to kill me… They pointed a loaded gun at my head.”

They had been raising money all day through Instagram lives, including the one that showed them being terrorised by police, for a bailout fund for protestors.