Longtime Trump advisor and convicted criminal Roger Stone comes out swinging for the Free Britney Spears movement: ‘It’s Britney, b***h’

Roger Stone (L) has come out in support of the 'Free Britney Spears' movement. Yes, really. (Screen capture via Cameo/Getty/Valerie Macon)

In today’s edition of ‘a weird series of words strung together to form a sentence only intelligible in 2020′, Roger Stone, the Republican trickster and convicted felon, has come out swinging for the Free Britney Spears movement.

For decades, Stone embraced the dark arts of political sabotage, but he’s now decided to embrace the #FreeBritney movement. We, for one, did not have this on our 2020 bingo cards.

Stone, who has a tattoo of Richard Nixon’s face between his shoulder blades, uploaded a video to Cameo of him announcing that he wants to “throw his support behind the Free Britney movement”.

Cameo is a service where users can pay for “celebrities” to say personalised messages. We guess Stone is keeping himself busy charging £62.25 per message while he awaits a retrial for that time he, er impeded a congressional investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential elections.

Roger Stone: ‘It’s Britney, b***h.’

In the clip, he said he has a “shoutout for Britney Spears and the Free Britney movement”, before cursing us all by uttering: “That’s right, it’s Britney, b***h.”

Wearing a, we guess, ironic slogan t-shirt that reads “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong” (he’s done a fair few things ‘wrong’, enough for a 40 monthslong prison sentence) he pledged support to the movement to “end this conservatorship abuse”.

“It’s time Britney gets the fruits of her labour,” Donald Trump’s former advisor and long-term friend said, wearing a jaunty Panama hat.

It’s unclear whether this is Stone’s actual take on Spears, but we plead that the politician, indeed, leaves Britney alone.

Why does Britney Spears need to be ‘freed’?

Spears has, overall, found an amusing array of ways to keep herself occupied while she’s hunkering out in Los Angeles, California.

She’s invented socialism, shattered the speed of light, burnt her home gym to the ground, dropped a bonus track from a 2016 album and now, apparently, retroactively wrote the Harry Potter book series.

She used, Spears stans claim, a pen name called “JK Rowling”. Never heard of her!

Anyway, under the surface of her peppy, pink heart emoji-filled Instagram, Spears is also grappling with having her legally-manated conservatorship extended by the courts. Coming out of the throes of her public breakdown in 2008, her father Jamie Spears was named her legal guardian.

And in 2019, a cancelled Las Vegas residency and brief stay as a mental health facility sparked frantic fan-fuelled speculation over Spears.

Her mental health once again grabbed headlines and a 2009 campaign to “Free Britney” was reignited, with many calling on the “…Baby One More Time” hitmaker to be released from her guardianship.

Jamie has been in charge of Spears’ finances and overall physical and mental health since then. He was, until recently, joined by lawyer Andrew Wallet in being co-conservators.

While Spears requested for judges to consider ending her conservatorship in 2019, her petition to end the conservatorship was dealt a blow in April as the court authorised Jodi Montgomery, her manager, to remain as conservator until August 22.