The Body Shop – yes, The Body Shop – joins tidal wave of backlash against JK Rowling as she doubles down on anti-trans views

The Body Shop challenges JK Rowling to learn more about periods

The Body Shop – yes, that skincare retailer that sells vitamin C liquid peels and ginger anti-dandruff shampoo – is the latest to lampoon JK Rowling for her torrent of anti-trans tweets.

When a cruelty-free cosmetic store is doing more for trans rights than most Conservative Party lawmakers and the US president, you know something is seriously up with the world.

Last Saturday (June 6), the Harry Potter author rejigged her regularly scheduled tweets of sharing children’s drawings to comment on, er, people’s genitals. She shared an article with the headline “Opinion: Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate“, before making a thorny comment about the gender-neutral phrasing.

Considering that cis women are not the only ones who menstruate, her take triggered widespread backlash and prompted Rowling, 54, to issue a lengthy essay on her views. But The Body Shop joined in to flay the author, and now anti-trans customers are vowing never again to shop there.

What a shame.

The Body Shop calls out JK Rowling for anti-trans menstruation tweet.

“Hey. JK Rowling,” the brand tweeted Wednesday (June 10), with a photo of a The Body Shop tote bag that reads: “It’s Bloody Natural.”

“Here’s something we made earlier, we thought you might like one!

“We’ve also popped in a vegan bath bomb and a copy of Trans Rights by Paisley Currah for you to read in the bath!”

As users vow never to buy soap again, trans Twitter fills their baskets with the skincare retailer’s products.

While the company’s mentions were quickly clogged with now former customers lamenting that, after spending fortunes in-store, that they were never shopping again at The Body Shop – a brand that has consistently donated to LGBT+ charities, featured queer couples in advertisements, campaigns for ethical trade, is committed to more eco-conscious products, advocates against animal testing now that it is… supportive of trans people.

Some agitated users explained how they “liked” the idea of the company’s stance on animal rights, but not trans rights – one of the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in society. Uh, right.

Outside of the noise, and trans people and allies revelled in a brief respite from the anti-trans abuse they have been pelted in recent weeks and how, ultimately, Rowling was just dunked by a brand that sells hemp hand protectors.