A Christian homophobe tried to hijack Pride with a hate-filled rant and it backfired spectacularly

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A group of queer people reacted in the best possible way to a Christian preacher who said homosexuality was a sin — they simply danced and waved their rainbow flags.

The incredible moment occurred in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday (August 1) during the city’s Pride celebrations, and was captured by Lily Nezai, who shared the footage on TikTok.

In the clip, a preacher can be heard angrily shouting into a microphone, telling the crowd of young queer people that they must repent.

But the gathered crowd could not be less interested in her message. Instead of getting angry, talking back to her, or even asking her to leave, they just danced, waved their flags and continued to enjoy themselves.

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Nezai captioned the video: “There’s some girl here preaching homosexuality is a sin and the gays are out here vibing.”

She explained to PinkNews: “The preacher was telling them that they were looking for lust and not love, that homosexuality is an abomination and that they should turn now and look to Jesus.

“She also said: ‘I don’t care, they can dance about naked for all I care, I’m trying to save them.'”

Homophobe’s rant drowned out with Lady Gaga.

Nezai – who wasn’t a part of the gathering but was a passer-by – stopped in her tracks when she heard the woman “screaming” at the group of LGBT+ young people.

The Belfast resident said the young people gathered in the city simply laughed when the preacher grabbed the microphone and started shouting at them.

“Seeing as it was Pride Day, nobody apart from the preachers had an issue with them being there, they were just having fun,” she said.

“I started recording because the way they kids handled it just by blasting Lady Gaga and ignoring her was brilliant.

“I think the kids were fantastic. They didn’t rise to her. They just played their music and danced about and had a great time.

“As for the preacher, I think she was promoting a message of hatred and really giving Christians a bad name.

“Seeing as Belfast is somewhere where same-sex marriage was only legalised in October 2019, it’s brilliant to see teenagers being this open and free with their flags and not caring what older people think of them.”

Nezai’s video promptly went viral, showing that queer people will not let bigotry stop them from celebrating their identities. At the time of writing, the TikTok video has been liked almost 70,000 times.