Moron tries to steal lesbian couple’s resplendent Pride flag. It backfires spectacularly

On the left: A shirtless man tried to tear down a Pride flag attached to a house. On the right: A Pride flag hanging from a garage.

A strange shirtless man tried to tug down a lesbian couple’s LGBT+ Pride flag – only for it to seriously backfire.

In Phoenix, Arizona, the man was caught on a home surveillance camera trying to pull down a rainbow flag hanging from the front of a stranger’s garage.

He had tightly wound his pink shirt around his head in an attempt to conceal his identity while, well, not wearing shoes and just white ankle socks. There is a lot going on here.


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For a grand total of ten seconds, he tugs, tears and desperately tries to yank off the flag before flailing his arms in the air in defeat and booking it. We all have a finite time on this Earth, and this is how he is spending it.

But little did the guy know that the house was owned by a lesbian couple who, as one half of the couple revealed on TikTok, actually has the flag safely secured.

TikTok lesbian reveals one little trick to homophobe-proofing Pride flag

TikTok user @LefOverGrains said: “A couple people have asked me how I’m hanging up my Pride flag right now and it’s real simple.


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“On the other side of the garage door I just have carabiners and a pair of screwing posts.”

It’s as simple as that when it comes to homophobe-proofing your rainbow flag.

@LefOverGrains’ video quickly went viral on Twitter, with one user writing: “You will NOT out-construct a pair of lesbians. It’s impossible.”

“Awesome,” another added, “but definitely needs to have a booby track included. You know, like the old bucket of water on the head trick.”

One user questioned: “I just don’t understand why he felt the need to enter someone’s property and take their flag down. People are so f**king weird.”

Pride flags hoisted up in people’s gardens can be amazing acts of solidarity, reminding LGBT+ folk in the local area that they are in no way alone.

After a mother in Paris, Arkansas attached a Progress Pride flag to her front porch, a queer youth who walks by her house wrote to her to thank her.

“Hello, this is probably kinda weird,” the letter began, “but I walk past your house every day and I’ve noticed your flag and I’m glad to know there is at least one ally in this little town – from a young LGBTQ+ person.”