Ellen DeGeneres has reportedly been dubbed ‘Talk Show Karen’ by her unhappy staff

Ellen DeGerenes

Ellen DeGeneres has been labelled “Talk Show Karen” by unhappy staffers who are tired of the “toxic” working environment on the set of her show.

The once-loved TV host continues to be plagued by complaints of her “mean” behaviour behind cameras, which seemingly contradict the kind and generous personality that formed the cornerstone of her brand.

DeGeneres’ bad reputation is reportedly so ubiquitous in Hollywood circles that, when describing the turmoil on set, staffers now refer to her by the unfavourable nickname “Karen” – a shorthand normally used for casually racist, demanding middle-class white women.

“Who would’ve thought that one of America’s most loved personalities would morph into America’s most famous Karen?” production sources told the Daily Mail.

“There’s no way anyone on staff wants Karen and her band of toxic executives to return.”

Portia De Rossi has pushed back against those battering her wife’s reputation, suggesting that the controversy is actually down to internet “bots”.

On Monday (3 August) she posted an image to Instagram that read “I stand by Ellen” alongside the caption: “To all our fans….we see you. Thank you for your support. #StopBotAttacks.”

But mounting criticism from several of DeGeneres’ current and former staff, as well as celebrities who have worked with her, suggest there is some truth to the complaints.

In recent months several staffers have spoken out about a workplace culture marred by racism, intimidation and fear, prompting WarnerMedia to launch an internal investigation.

Others have alleged executives engaged in rampant sexual misconduct and harassment, claims that have been denied by those accused.

As the backlash intensifies reports have emerged that DeGeneres wants to “shut down the show” in order to “recover her personal brand”, according to the Daily Mail.

According to an insider from Telepictures, the production company behind The Ellen Show, potential replacements for DeGeneres include Sean Hayes, Kristen Bell, Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston.