James Charles issues grovelling apology after viciously subtweeting Alicia Keys for launching her own beauty range

James Charles

James Charles has publicly apologised to Alicia Keys after throwing shade at the announcement of her new beauty range.

On Thursday (5 August) e.l.f. Beauty announced that the Grammy-winning recording artist would be launching a “lifestyle beauty brand” of “skin-loving, dermatologist-developed, cruelty-free products” sometime in 2021.

Despite there being no mention of makeup whatsoever, James Charles sought to criticise Alicia Keys on the basis that she no longer wears makeup.

“People who do not wear makeup should not be coming out with makeup brands but that’s just my opinion,” the YouTube star said in a now-deleted tweet.

He was immediately put in his place as people reminded him that it wasn’t his place to “gate keep” a Black woman from the beauty industry.

The next day Charles issued a grovelling apology to Alicia Keys in which he explained that he had subtweeted her because “a few years ago, she announced that she would no longer wear makeup, so I was bothered,” only to later learn that her beauty line will focus on skin care.

“I deleted the tweet after a few mins because it’s childish to indirect tweet someone and I am not the gatekeeper of makeup,” he said. “Anyone should be able to secure their bag and it’s not up to me which brands people should or shouldn’t support.”

He continued: “Regardless of my intention with my tweet, it ended up being a micro-aggression against someone I respect, so to Alicia Keys I owe a direct apology – I’m sorry.”

Announcing Alicia’s new venture, e.l.f spokesman Tarang Amin said: “She’s been wanting to do something in beauty and wellness for quite some time.

“What really appealed to us is she’s much more than a celebrity, she’s someone of real substance who goes between being a 15-time Grammy Award winner and artist [and] she’s got a New York Times bestseller in her book, More Myself.

“This was really a great marriage between what she stands for and wants to accomplish in beauty and wellness and what we stand for.”