Reality TV and Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown comes out as a ‘raging bisexual’ in the most perfect and subtle way

Gwendlyn Brown Sister Wives

Reality TV star Gwendlyn Brown has come out as a “raging bisexual” in the most perfect and subtle way.

Brown, who rose to fame on TLC’s Sister Wives, which follows a polygamist family, made her sexuality public by adding “raging bisexual” to her Twitter bio.

When some fans questioned whether she had come out, Brown shared a dictionary definition of “raging”, saying she identified with numbers two and three in the description, which read: “violent, wild, extraordinary, tremendous”.

Following media attention, Brown later clarified that she had not really “come out”, noting that she was “never in” the closet to begin with.

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown had never confirmed her sexuality publicly, but she was not in the closet.

She has since deactivated her Twitter account in an effort to distance herself from a frenzy from Sister Wives fans.

While Brown has never clarified publicly that she is bisexual, she has had a rainbow emoji on her Instagram account for some time.

In June, she shared a repost from Ben Platt about the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride Month.

“There wouldn’t be any queer liberation to be proud of were it not for the queer people of colour that fought to set it all in motion, especially trans women of colour,” the post, written by Platt and shared by Brown, read.

“This Pride Month must remain irrevocably linked to Black liberation, so I’ll be spending it donating regularly, educating myself privately, and supporting publicly, in the hopes that some tangible reform can begin – hope you’ll do the same.”

Her half-sister came out as gay in 2017.

Brown is not the first Sister Wives star to come out as LGBT+ – her half sister Mariah Brown came out as a lesbian in 2017.

Mariah revealed her sexuality on the long-running show, telling her family: “You guys are freaking out, which is making me freak out.

“This feels so awkward. I’m freaking out… I’m gay.”

Last year, it was reported that Mariah had become engaged to girlfriend Audrey Kriss.