Homophobic thugs dragged a queer man down the street with their car. His crime was holding hands with another man

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Three men have been charged with assault in Canada after dragging a queer man with their car because they saw him holding hands with his partner.

According to Simcoea queer couple were walking hand in hand along the waterfront in Orillia, Canada, at around 10.30 pm on 28 August when three men in a car began harassing them.

Eric Artindale, 21, Roarke McCooeye, 21, and James Ley, 23, allegedly hurled profanities and homophobic slurs at the couple from the vehicle.

They then drove past a second time and sprayed beer over the victim before throwing the can at him, according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Orillia.

The suspects then returned a third time and the victim, who has remained anonymous for fear of further abuse, approached the car to speak with the driver.

Ley, who was driving, then allegedly became aggressive and drove off, dragging the victim around 25 metres. Luckily, he was not seriously injured.

Police located the vehicle a short time later and arrested the three men.

Artindale and McCooeye have been charged with assault, and Ley has been charged with assault and dangerous operation of a vehicle. The three suspects have been released on the condition that they appear in court on 17 November.

Last month, police in another Canadian province launched an investigation after three hate crimes took place over the course of four days. 

Police in Calgary, Alberta, said the first incident occurred on 31 July when a victim was set upon by a group of men who attacked him while calling him homophobic slurs, before quickly fleeing the scene.

On 1 August, a drag king was spat on by a man while recording a video at a rainbow crosswalk, and finally on 3 August, a queer couple were out walking when they were approached by two men and two women on electronic scooters, who proceeded to beat them using a belt, rocks and a recycling bin.

Three men are wanted in connection with the spree of suspected hate crimes.