LGBT+ Republicans thought it would be a good idea to crowd together in a dingy distillery without face masks in the middle of a pandemic

LGBT Republicans

More than 50 LGBT+ Republicans thought it was a great idea to squeeze into a “filled-to-capacity” Tennessee distillery during the COVID-19 pandemic, with no masks in sight.

OUTspoken is “digital education and advocacy campaign” by Log Cabin Republicans, which claims to be “taking a stand against the ludicrous cancel culture, social shaming and slander”.

But on Saturday (10 October), more than 50 members of the group crowded together in a distillery just outside Nashville, Tennessee, to party completely maskless for “OUTspoken Pride”.

According to OUTspoken: “The filled-to-capacity event attracted LGBTs from across the country who were brought together by their shared support for president Trump and advocacy for free speech and independent thinking.”

At the end of September, Tennessee governor Bill Lee announced that a “state of emergency” in the state regarding the pandemic would continue until 30 October.

Lee signed Executive Order number 63, which “urges” people to “wear a cloth face covering in places where in close proximity to others”, and continue “social distancing from those outside of [their] household”.

OUTspoken and the Log Cabin Republicans conveniently forgot these guidelines while waving rainbow “Trump Pride” flags at  the distillery party, despite the president recently being struck down with the virus.

(GayConservMan/ OUTspoken)

Among the large crowd of LGBT+ Republicans was Richard Grenell, who briefly served previously as the interim director of national intelligence and thinks Donald Trump is America’s “most pro-gay president”.

Grenell recently joined forces with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a religious conservative legal organisation founded in 1990 by televangelist Pat Robertson, with a long history of fighting against LGBT+ rights and equality, and of spreading harmful homophobic and transphobic rhetoric.

Chadwick Moore, who claimed that gay people “will never be normal”, said there is “there is no such thing as a gay child”, mocked trans people and claimed Michelle Obama is trans, also partied at the event.

There was also a drag queen in attendance named Lady MAGA.