PinkNews Awards 2020: Nominees revealed for Broadcast or Documentary Award

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The Broadcast or Documentary Award nominees for the PinkNews Awards 2020 have been announced, with each one having broken new ground for the LGBT+ community over the last year.

The award – which was given to ITV News in 2019 for its investigative report into gay conversion therapy – recognises some of the most important work focused on the LGBT+ community across television, podcasts and documentaries.

This year’s nominees show the essential role documentaries and broadcasters play in shining a light on the issues that continue to force LGBT+ people into the margins of society.

The winner will be revealed at the PinkNews Awards, which will take place virtually from December 2-4. The public vote is now closed.


This truly groundbreaking Netflix documentary shone a much-needed light on the representation of transgender people on screen in both film and television.

Disclosure examines decades of mistreatment of trans and non-binary characters and actors over the course of decades – and it examines how this mistreatment spills over into everyday life.

The documentary features interviews from numerous legendary trans people, including actors and filmmakers, who speak about the importance of meaningful trans representation on screen.

It won critical acclaim for its heartfelt and thorough investigation of the experiences of trans people on-screen.

Our Baby : A Modern Miracle.

Jake and Hannah Graf with baby Millie. Photographed for Channel 4 Picture Publicty / Parable

Trans couple Hannah and Jake Graf became parents to baby Millie in April of this year – and this Channel 4 documentary charted their incredible journey.

In Our Baby: A Modern Miracle, Hannah and Jake spoke about the hate and discrimination they experience for being transgender.

The documentary followed the couple as they became parents for the first time through surrogacy. It won huge praise from viewers in the LGBT+ community for centring trans people’s real, lived experiences and for busting stigma in the process.

Welcome to Chechnya.

Authorities in Chechnya still deny that a gay purge has ever happened in the country – despite the mounting evidence that countless queer people have been tortured, abducted and imprisoned in the territory since 2017.

This searing documentary, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, tells the devastating stories of queer victims of the purge.

Director David France employed guerrilla filmmaking tactics, intercutting the terrifying transport missions with secret footage recorded on mobile phones and CCTV cameras obtained by the activists.

The documentary was praised by critics, who called it “hard-hitting”, “emotionally charged”, and a “vital and urgent portrait of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis”.

Two Twos Podcast.

The Two Twos Podcast has won a huge following for its candid approach to sexuality

The Two Twos Podcast is hosted by Rose Frimpong and Nana Duncan, two Black lesbians who live their unapologetic truth while crating a safe place for LGBT+ people.

Their show seeks to bridge the gap between LGBT+ people and cisgender straight people – a goal that has never been as important.

Two Twos, which started as a YouTube channel, has proven hugely popular with LGBT+ people for its honest and hilarious approach to queerness, sex and identity. It is both educational and entertaining – a vital combination to combat anti-LGBT+ prejudice.

Food 4 Thot.

This queer Brown podcast, with its focus on sex, relationships, race and identity, has never been as important.

With its roundtable format, Food 4 Thot sees its hosts discuss everything at the intersection between queerness and Brownness. The podcast’s own website says it’s “Like The View, but not terrible”.

Food 4 Thot is hosted by Joseph Osmundson, Denis Norris II, Tommy Pico and Fran Tirado, and the themes it explores have arguably never been as important as they are today.

The winner will be announced at the PinkNews Awards 2020, taking place virtually December 2-4. The public vote is now closed.