Vile Trump supporter tells 16-year-old boy to ‘suck right here’ – all because he didn’t want to catch a deadly virus

A Trump supporter told a teen to 'vote Biden and suck it' following a squabble over face masks. (Screen captures via Twitter)

In today’s edition of A Donald Trump supporter does the darndest thing, a belligerent fan of the Republican president grabbed his crotch and called a 16-year-old “pimply” during a squabble over face masks.

The incident, captured on video by the teens’ older brother, went viral on Reddit on Monday (October 26). It shows the – you bet – unmasked man hurling slurs at the teen in a Wallgreens checkout line in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While the south-western state’s coronavirus caseload soars past 239,000, the unidentified man struck a fight with the two brothers over face masks.

A user who claimed to be the older, 22-year-old brother of the teen alleged that the man spotted the pair wearing face masks while shopping in Grayhawk Plaza.

He shouted: “Why are you even wearing your masks your fucking liberals?” according to the brother.

“Because COVID is a real disease,” he bit back.

Trump supporter calls teen ‘pimply little sh**’ and tells him to ‘suck it’. All he did was wear a face mask. 

The footage shows the man demanding that the teen not “tell [him] what to do”, before adding: “F*** you where you breathe […] How’s that, pal?

“Use your f***ing head if you know how, you little pimply little s**t.”

A Wallgreens staffer asks the pair take it outside or she will call security, as the teen says the man will get arrested for his actions.

“Arrested for what? Just like a pimple on the left,” the man hits back. “Somebody says something and you don’t like it. Is that what it is?”

The man finally leaves but not before obscenely grabbing his crotch and shouting: “Go vote for Biden and suck it right here!”


“Have a good day, sir,” the man filming adds.

“He can vote for whoever he wants to as far as I’m concerned. Jesus Christ.”