Marks and Spencer’s ‘Santa’s Yumnut’ Christmas doughnut proves once and for all why you need gays on your marketing team

Santa's Yumnut: Two croissant-oudhgnut hybrids with red icing and Santa's belt decoration

Marks and Spencer (M&S) has launched Santa’s Yumnut, a sweet-salty mouthful that promises to leave you feeling full and jolly.

The British retailer proved the importance of having LGBT+ people as part of your sign-off process Thursday (November 5) when it tweeted: “Who wants a bite of Santa’s Yumnut?”

Yes, Santa’s Yumnut. A croissant-doughnut hybrid with “a sweet Santa’s belt topping” – because old Kris Kringle didn’t become Daddy Christmas by bottoming.

With the prospect of popping out for the other kind of Yumnut out of the question under lockdown, it should go without saying that the internet did the absolute most.

Although some questioned whether the name was intentional.

Though M&S and its Santa’s Yumnut certainly lightened the mood, to many it underlined the importance of workplace diversity.

Nearly two thirds of LGBT+ employees in the UK think their workplace lacks commitment to diversity, a survey published in January 2019 found.

Separate research by Stonewall found that one in five people looking for work have felt discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, while one in 10 LGBT+ employees felt they didn’t get a promotion because of who they are.

The M&S Santa’s Yumnut follows its LGBT sandwich.

Santa’s Yumnut isn’t the first time M&S has found itself at the butt of jokes from the LGBT+ community.

In 2019 it launched an LGBT sandwich for Pride, filled with lettuce, guacamole, bacon and tomato.

The sandwich raised funds for AKT (the Albert Kennedy Trust), a charity dedicated to helping homeless LGBT+ youth, but was nonetheless mercilessly mocked.

This year ribbing turned to outrage when the retailer launched a “Rainbow Sale” during Pride month – but to raise funds for the NHS rather than queer causes.