Joe Biden marks end of Pride Month with powerful White House video about living your truth

Joe Biden

The White House has produced a powerful video featuring prominent LGBT+ leaders sharing their coming out stories alongside a beautiful message from president Joe Biden.

Joe Biden posted the video onto his official Twitter page where it has garnered over 11,000 likes and 340,000 views on the platform. He also shared a supportive message for the LGBT+ community as Pride Month draws to a close.

“To LGBTQ+ folks across the country – no matter where you are on your journey – know you are loved and accepted just as you are,” Biden wrote.

The video, titled “A Pride Month Message” on YouTube, highlights prominent and up-and-coming LGBT+ leaders from across the US. This includes Delaware senator Sarah McBride, Team USA triathlete Chris Mosier, Long Beach mayor Robert Garcia, activist Ashton Mota, Virginia state delegate Danica Roem and lieutenant colonel Bree Fram – a high-ranking, openly trans service member.

The individuals in the video all share the fear and anxiety they experienced while coming out as well as the pure joy of living as their authentic selves after the event. Garcia even admitted that the way he felt before coming out was “inauthentic”.

“Coming out, I was obviously very nervous,” Garcia recalled. “The first person I came out to was my mom.”

He said his mother “immediately” hugged him, told him that she loved him and said she had “no problem” with his sexuality. Garcia added: “It was so great to have the first person you tell be so supportive and so loving.”

Mosier shared that he “didn’t want people to get to know who I really was” for fear of “what they would say” if they found out his truth. But he admitted that “every single piece” of his life “got better” after he came out.

“There is a real power to owning the power of your own identity,” Mosier explained.

Mota said he was “very scared” to come out and feared that he would not be “accepted by my family”. Later in the video, he promised anyone watching the video could “always count on me” to fight for them.