Logan Paul – yes, Logan Paul – shows how to call out toxic masculinity as his friends whinge over Harry Styles in a dress

Logan Paul Harry Styles

Logan Paul – yes, we can’t believe it either – has left the internet reeling after he called out his friends for their angry reaction to Harry Styles wearing a dress

Styles made headlines on Tuesday (November 17) when he became the first solo male to grace the cover of American Vogue – and the former One Direction star also turned the heads of a few conservative commentators for daring to wear a dress in the photoshoot.

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul surprised social media when he jumped to Styles’ defence during a discussion about the photoshoot on his Impaulsive podcast.

When co-hosts Spencer Taylor and Mike Majlak claimed it wasn’t “manly” for Styles to wear a dress, Logan Paul defended the singer.

Logan Paul has shocked the internet by jumping to the defence of Harry Styles after the singer wore a dress.

Paul read out a quote from conservative commentator Candace Owens, who hit out at the “feminisation” of men following the release of Styles’ photoshoot, and added: “Bring back manly men.”

“Bring back manly men?” Paul asked incredulously. “Because of Harry Styles wearing a dress in a field?”

Co-host Spencer Taylor replied: “That ain’t manly, bro.”

But Paul wasn’t ready to let it drop there.

“Bro, why?” Paul responded. “What is manly to you? What does it mean? Is manly being comfortable in your own skin and being comfortable with who you are regardless of what people think about what you’re wearing?”

Taylor replied: “I get that and I understand it’s OK to venture out and try new things and do things, and I think it’s great for people not to judge other people.”

“Yeah man, just like you are now,” Paul replied.

Co-host Mike Majlak then accused Paul of being “combative”, while Taylor criticised him for getting “angry” at their opinions on Styles’ decision to wear a dress.

“You got really quick to get angry at me and Mike immediately, there’s no conversation,” Taylor said.

Paul replied: “I’m listening to you telling me you don’t want to judge people and then watching you judge people, so yeah, I’m listening, I’m not getting angry, but I’m calling you out for your flaw.”

Twitter has united in surprise at seeing Logan Paul emerge as the internet’s biggest critic of toxic masculinity.

Logan Paul has had his fair share of controversy on YouTube over the years. In 2017, he made global headlines when he uploaded a video to the streaming platform depicting the recently deceased corpse of a man who had died by suicide.

He later faced backlash from the LGBT+ community when, in January 2019, he claimed his new year’s resolution was that he would “go gay for a month”. 

Paul faced intense scrutiny from queer people across the world for the comments, with many criticising him for suggesting that people can “choose” to be gay.