Marvel just confirmed Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord is bisexual


Marvel comics just infinitely increased our interest in Guardians of the Galaxy by confirming that Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, is a polyamorous bisexual.

As fans of the graphic novels will know, Starlord’s future was left uncertain after he appeared to meet a heroic death in Guardians of Galaxy #2.

The good news is the lovable space cowboy is back and better than ever in the current series from Al Ewing – and his character’s sexuality is being explored in a much deeper way.

Guardians of the Galaxy #9, “I Shall Make You a Star-Lord” reveals that our favourite human/Spartoi hybrid didn’t actually die in an explosion but was instead shunted into a parallel universe, where he was trapped on the planet Morinus for 140 years.

The story sees him journey through the Twelve Houses of Morinus accompanied by two companions, Aradia and Mors, a blue-skinned humanoid pair that Quill embarks on a polyamorous relationship with.

When they first offer themselves to Quill to experience their “togetherness” he is initially opposed to the idea, as he still has hope of returning home to his love Gamora. Fast forward 12 years and Star-Lord has finally opened up to the couple, who share in his nomadic lifestyle.

Their love triangle is confirmed with a frame showing the trio bathing together in a ceremonial temple, the intimate scene soaked in bisexual lighting.

“You’re my home,” he tells them as the three lovers meet in an embrace. The relationship lasts for more than 100 years.

Guardians of the Galaxy #9, “I Shall Make You a Star-Lord” (Marvel Entertainment)

Star-Lord had always been presented as something of a ladies’ man, both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – where he is played by Chris Pratt – and in the comics, but it turns out we were only scratching the surface.

The character has changed a lot since his creation in the 1970s and Al Ewing’s tenure on the series has reinvented him even further, re-establishing some of the more mysterious elements of his origin and adding some exciting new details too.

The graphic novels generally tend to make bolder moves than the media, so it’s not clear if Quill’s bisexuality will be explored further in future Marvel Cinematic Universe projects – but we certainly hope so.

Until then, the next issue Guardians Of The Galaxy #10, is set to release early January next year.