John Barrowman shares defiant message for homophobes as he celebrates anniversary with husband Scott Gill

John Barrowman has told homophobes exactly where to go

John Barrowman has told homophobes exactly where to go as he celebrated his wedding anniversary.

The actor, who is set to make a grand comeback to Doctor Who on New Year’s Day, is this week celebrating his anniversary with husband Scott Gill, who he wed in a civil partnership ceremony in 2006.

Barrowman shared a video on Sunday (27 December) of the pair cuddling in bed, before kissing Scott on the cheek and telling the camera: “If the trolls don’t like that, let them ban the Instagram account!”

He added: “I’m off to make coffee and put icing on my buns. Happy anniversary to us!”

The actor later shared a video of his “fresh hot buns dripping with icing” – the perfect anniversary present.

John Barrowman and husband Scott Gill have spent nearly 30 years together

The couple have been together for nearly three decades, though they were only able to enter a civil partnership in 2006, before getting married in California in 2013.

They first met in 1991 at the Chichester Festival Theatre, after Gill saw his future husband in the play Rope.

Scott Gill and John Barrowman

Scott Gill and John Barrowman (Robin Pope/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Barrowman has said that he knew “he wanted to spend the rest of his life” with the architect the moment they met.

Appearing on I’m A Celebrity in 2018, Barrowman revealed how his first date with Gill was gatecrashed by Cher.

He said: “A friend of ours brought Scott down. And after the show, I spoke to him, and it was then that I knew that was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

“And I said: ‘Look, let’s go out to dinner.’ Well, the night we were meant to go out for a meal, I got a call. They said: ‘We have Cher on the line… she wants to take you out to dinner tonight’.”

After the actor told Cher he couldn’t see her because “there’s someone that I’m interested in and I’m taking them out to dinner”, she encouraged him to bring the date along – which he did. He added: “Our first date, really, was with Cher.”

Doctor Who star dreams of starting a family

During his time on I’m A Celeb the actor also spoke candidly about his dream of starting a family. He said: “I think I would be a good dad. Scott and I have an incredible amount to offer a child.

“I still would like to adopt, but I can’t just go out and buy one at Tesco and bring it home, it has to be a partnership thing and I don’t think Scott is ready for it.

“He keeps saying to me: ‘If you wanna do it, just do it.’ However, I can’t just do that, as he has to be on board.”

Noting his busy work schedule, Barrowman added: “I’m travelling all over the place and it would be unfair to have a child that I would never really see.”