National Police Association slams furries as ‘Nazis’ and ‘costumed cop haters’ in the most surprising feud of 2020

National Police Association labels furries 'costumed cop haters'. Yes, really

The National Police Association has responded to accusations that it’s been mass-blocking furries on Twitter by calling them an “infestation” of “costumed cop haters”.

The NPA is a non-profit organisation that “works to bring national and local attention to the anti-police efforts challenging effective law enforcement”. It has “Blue Lives Matter” in its Twitter bio.

According to the Daily Dot, the NPA has mass-blocked leftist and furry accounts – many of which were previously unaware the NPA existed.

One Twitter user blocked by the NPA said it was “f**king hilarious” that the NPA was doing “a targeted mass-block of furries”, telling the Daily Dot they only knew they’d been blocked when a friend sent them an NPA tweet and they realised they didn’t have access to it.

One person said: “I have been explicitly blocked by National Police Association and I take that as a badge of honour.”

“If you’re not blocked by National Police Association, are you even a leftist,” another joked.

The NPA addressed the accusations in a 29 December blog post called “Costumed Cop Hater Infestation”.

“Did you know there was such a thing as furries?” the NPA said. “We didn’t either but apparently, it’s a thing. Some of them are purportedly Nazis. The furries clearly know there is such a thing as the NPA, because they are now all visiting us every day, objecting to our diabolical rumoured plan to block all furries.”

The NPA said it was “unclear” how the rumour started that it had “blocked them all”.

“If we notice a large amount of obscenities posted by a group of related accounts we will sometimes block them and their followers,” the NPA continued. “Perhaps some furries got caught up in one of those and took particular exception. A review of our timeline shows enough furries asking why they weren’t blocked to indicate the rumour they were all blocked is at best hyperbole.

“What is certain is they have put out a clarion call to all furries stating the NPA is blocking all furries. Offended furries have taken up the call and swarmed to the NPA Twitter account to spam it relentlessly with obscene comments and graphic images and by doing so demonstrate the claim that the NPA blocked all furries is false.”

Responding to the NPA’s allegation that some furries are Nazis, a Twitter user called Molly Conger said: “Extremely rude of the National Police Association to imply being a furry has anything to do with being a Nazi.

“Furries deal with their Nazi problem. Cops encourage it.”

A Twitter account seemingly set up to respond to the controversy, called “Apparently just a costumed cop hater”, has done a point-by-point rebuttal of the NPA blog, including pointing out that “not all furries are cop haters”.

“The article states, ‘The furries clearly know there is such a thing as the NPA, because they are now all visiting us every day, objecting to our diabolical rumoured plan to block all furries.’ First off, we are not ‘all visiting’ you ‘every day’…” the thread begins.

And the conflict between the NPA and the furry community has not gone unnoticed.

“The National Police Association is publicly warring with furries,” said New York Times writer Taylor Lorenz.

Another person added: “You’ve reached a real low if furries are bullying you.”

Twenty-four hours after the NPA published its blog post responding to accusation that it as mass-blocking furries, things have taken a predictable turn: furries are now begging the National Police Association to block them.

“Don’t mind me. Just trying to get blocked,” one furry tweeted, with a picture.

The National Police Association has been contacted for comment.