Gay model Barrett Pall breaks down why Americans fleeing to Mexico to party is ‘classic, ableist and racist’

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After the GaysOverCovid Instagram exposed gay men flocking to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to party, one gay man has explained why such actions are “classist, ableist and racist”.

Model and life coach Barrett Pall directly addressed the gay men who who travelled abroad as the coronavirus pandemic spirals out of control in parts of the United States and further afield, accusing them of putting an already heaving health system at further risk.

In a frank Instagram video, Pall criticised gay men for travelling to resorts such as Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, where huge numbers of queer men holidayed to celebrate New Year’s Eve on 31 December – with one party ending in disaster when the boat it was taking place on capsized.

In his video, Pall said there are no more ICU beds left unoccupied in San Diego, and drew attention to the ever-worsening situation in Los Angeles, where COVID-19 cases are spiking.

“This is what the actions of a select group of people, gay and straight, have caused in the world,” he said.

“Your actions hold weight, and so while I’m not here to shame you, I’m here to show you what you have done.”

White gay cis men’s privilege is ‘out of control’.

He continued: “You are actually causing physical problems in this world to other people because of your actions if you are choosing to travel during the pandemic, point blank, period.

“Now, if you’re choosing to travel and then go to a circuit party, you’re literally saying ‘I don’t give a f**k’, and your privilege is out of control. As someone who exists in the same space as a lot of you white gay cis men, I’m here to show you that your privilege is not untouchable.

“This is classist, this is ableist, this is racist. And it’s not f**king cool. And I am trying my best to be as mindful and kind in my messages because we need to have you listen without getting defensive, but for anyone at this point who is defending their actions for going to circuit parties or big parties in general during New Year’s Eve, we’ve lost you.”

Barrett Pall noted that much of the world is currently being ravaged by rapidly rising rates of COVID-19, and said the virus is “not a fake thing”.

He said the actions of gay men who travelled abroad as the pandemic worsened were “disappointing”, and noted that he too has held himself accountable for not strictly adhering to coronavirus restrictions in the past.


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Pall went on to encourage other gay men to hold themselves accountable for their actions and to change their behaviours in an effort to drive down coronavirus cases.

He added: “We all have quarantine fatigue. I am over this, I want to go and travel, that was a huge part of my career. I want to go and have sex and not be worried about it also. We’re all in this boat together guys,” he said.

Pall went on to say that it is “uncomfortable” to examine one’s own behaviour, but said that doing so was “necessary”.

“We think we’re close to the end, but we’re progressing this the more that we do this. And I hope that my words land and I hope that you hear me, and I hope that you understand that this is not me shaming you, this is me pleading with you to just stop.

“This is a mess guys. This is a mess,” he added.

Pall’s video comes after a “gay civil war” erupted within the LGBT+ community after an anonymous Instagram account, called GaysOverCovid, shared information about gay men and influencers who flouted coronavirus restrictions to travel abroad for New Year’s Eve.

The account has gotten international media attention, and has racked up more than 100,000 followers – with queer people across the world thanking the vigilante for drawing attention to those in the community who are contributing to the escalating public health crisis.