Straight men share the ‘gayest things’ they’ve ever done, and it’s eye-opening

Two men in football tops holding beer bottles

Straight men are sharing the “gayest things” they’ve ever done in a mesmerising Reddit thread, and it is truly eye-opening.

The question, posed on 1 January by Reddit user u/datboy7328, was simple.

“Straight males of Reddit,” they asked. “What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?”

The mammoth thread has had more 15,900 replies from countless men who identify as straight – and the answers range from teenagers kissing to “I tried having sex with a man”.

It’s safe to say that it’s a bit of a mixed bag – but many of the responses are truly fascinating, and provide an interesting insight into the inner thoughts of many men who identify as straight, but have experimented sexually with other men.

One reply that has garnered a lot of attention came from a straight man who opened up about letting his male friend kiss him when they were teenagers.

The commenter explained that his friend came from “a really religious household” and that he had started to come to the realisation that he might be gay.

“He asked if he could kiss me to see if it felt different from kissing a girl,” the commenter wrote. “He is my friend and I had kissed people in theatre, so I kind of figured, eh, why not?

“After the kiss, which included more tongue than I expected (which was any), he pulled back and said, ‘Thanks!’ and then immediately, ‘Aw, f**k. I’m definitely gay’.”

Straight men shared their stories of kissing gay guys on Reddit.

Another straight man revealed that his “gay experience” came when he was in high school and he played a game of “gay chicken” with a closeted schoolmate.

The game, the commenter explained, usually involves two straight men leaning towards each other “as if a kiss is about to occur”, and that the first one to “back out” loses.

“Pretty simple, dumb, raised in South Carolina, high-school boy game,” he admitted.

“One day, I was challenged by a fellow senior who unbeknownst to me, was in the closet. So, I approach it with my usual gusto, and he doesn’t back down. Our lips meet. We stay there for about two seconds and I think, hey, if I open my lips like I will kiss, he’ll back down.

“Nay. He did not. He shot his tongue right into my mouth when the moment presented. I took the L, but told him I respected his game! Years later, at a commitment ceremony between his partner and him, I got credited with being his first gay kiss… so that’s kind of cool that I didn’t turn him off men forever and make him hopelessly confused I suppose.”

Another man shared a truly heartwarming story of his “gayest moment”, and be prepared – it will likely make your heart melt.

The Reddit user explained that he and his gay friend like having “no homo bro cuddles”, and they spent one night together, in his bed, spooning through the night.

The sleepover was “completely non-sexual”, he said, but was entirely about “comfort and just to cuddle”.

“Reason being – his dad had recently died and he had been sleeping poorly since (lives alone). Said he just needed someone to cuddle with for comfort so he could get a good night’s sleep. His love life is in shambles so he didn’t want another gay man because he knew they would just ty to f**k him as part of the deal.

“So I obliged and he slept well for the first time since the funeral.”

Another straight man opened up about the time he worked as a security guard at a gay bar.

“While selling Jell-O shots at the door during a holiday party, I let a big bear man kiss me on the cheek because he asked nicely, after I gave him a free Jell-O shot for buying like 10 of em.”

Meanwhile, one man wrote: “I frenched a guy in a very drunken game of truth or dare. I have to say the big difference was the feel of stubble, and the more aggressive tongue action.”

There was also a fair share of the more NSFW responses from “straight” men who told their stories of having sex with men, but we’ll let you explore those for yourself.