Straight Pride founders arrested by FBI after bussing 300 thugs to the Capitol

Sue Ianni and Mark Shady of Super Happy Fun America at the US Capitol

Members of Super Happy Fun America, the organiser of the Boston “Straight Pride” parade, have been arrested over rioting at the US Capitol.

In 2019, Super Happy Fun America, a group whose website claims that straight people are “America’s most brutally repressed identity”, organised a “Straight Pride” parade in Boston, Massachusetts, with former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos as grand marshal.

More recently, the anti-LGBT+ group also sponsored 11 buses to take Trump-supporters to Washington, DC, on 6 January, ahead of the violent riots at the Capitol during which five people died.

Sue Ianni, a Super Happy Fun America director, told Metro West Daily News two days after the riot that around 300 members of the group filled six of the buses. She described her experience at the Capitol as “very moving, very inspiring”.
Although at the time she refused to say whether or not she had entered the Capitol building, Ianni and Super Happy Fun America founder and vice president, Mark Sahady, have now been arrested in connection with the extremist riots.

The Boston Herald reported that pair were arrested, on charges of disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and entering or remaining in the US Capitol building unlawfully, in their respective homes by the FBI on Tuesday (19 January). They later appeared at a hearing in the US district court in Boston.

Prosecuting, assistant US attorney William Bloomer said of Sahady: “The defendant was part of an organised horde, whose actions collectively resulted in the murder of one police officer, four other deaths and at least 60 other people injured.”

Ianni was released until she is required to return to DC later this month, when her case is transferred to federal court. She had been ordered to surrender her passport and stay away the Massachusetts State House until then.

Sahady, as a high-ranking member of the group was deemed to still be a threat, was held in custody without bail. He will attend a detention hearing on Thursday (21 January).

The Super Happy Fun America founder has ties to several far-right and white supremacist groups, including the Proud Boys.