SNP MPs are falling over themselves to back trans rights and praise Nicola Sturgeon

SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

SNP MPs have backed Nicola Sturgeon’s forceful condemnation of transphobia in swathes.

On Wednesday (27 January), the Scottish first minister posted a passionate, unscripted speech on social media amid accusations that the SNP has become a “hub of transphobia”.

Sturgeon declared that the party’s anti-trans reputation was “not acceptable” to her and urged members who had left in protest to “come home where you belong”.

“Trans people have as much right as any of us to be safe, secure and valued for who they are,” she insisted. “Transphobia is wrong, and we must treat it with the zero tolerance we treat racism or homophobia.”

Her unambiguous pro-trans message was welcomed by scores of Scottish MPs, including Mhairi Black, Kirsten Oswald, Alison Thewliss, Gavin Newlands, Richard Thomson, Peter Grant, Alyn Smith and Anne McLaughlin, all of whom retweeted the video.

Many more tweeted messages of their own, with the queer MPs Hannah Bardell and John Nicolson among her strongest supporters.

“This is what good leadership looks like,” wrote Bardell, sharing her thanks and respect. “Brilliant message from Nicola,” agreed Nicolson. “We know where she stands: Now we need action.”

Dozens of other party members chimed in too, including Angela Crawley, Fiona Hyslop, Ian Blackford, Maree Todd, Pete Wishart, John Nicholson, Shirley-Anne Sommerville, Stewart McDonald and Owen Thompson.

And MP for Aberdeen North Kirsty Blackman sparred with the LGB Alliance when the anti-trans group predictably joined the debate.