Drag Race UK star Ginny Lemon claims they were ‘hounded out’ of university job for being gay

Ginny Lemon

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star and non-binary icon Ginny Lemon has alleged that the University of Worcester “hounded” them out of a job “for being gay“.

Ginny is a former student and staff member at the University of Worcester, but when the university posted a photo of them at the beginning of LGBT+ History Month, they responded: “Please remove my photo.

“As I was hounded out of a job for being gay while working at the uni I certainly DO NOT want you using my image to promote your lies.

“Happy to give more details of the abuse I suffered and the unsuccessful ‘investigations’.”

The university deleted the photo but Ginny Lemon, who was recently praised by fans for a moving heart-to-heart about being non-binary with Drag Race co-star Bimini Bon Boulash, wanted to make sure that it did not happen again.

They tweeted: “Just a reminder to the University of Worcester do not to tag me in ANY POST.

“Please do not use my ‘success’ to promo your lies about inclusivity… To any other organisational bullies out there, don’t try and erase the hurt and abuse you’ve caused me and other people.”

They added: “Honestly this is very triggering for me right now as I did end up in therapy after the bullying and unsuccessful investigation conducted by the very people who were spitting their hate at me. Disgusting!”


Ginny Lemon added: “Such a joke and brings back such trauma! I’m just shocked they would do such a thing after what they put me through. So silly, so shortsighted.”

A University of Worcester spokesperson told PinkNews: “The photograph about which a request was made to be taken down is a publicly available image taken from the 2018 Worcestershire Pride Festival, which was supported by the University of Worcester.

“The photograph, along with an image from our Transgender Education and Support Programme, was posted by a University of Worcester senior member of staff in support of LGBT+ Month and our extensive work to promote inclusion.

“The photograph shows this colleague formally representing the University at the Worcestershire Pride Festival, where [they] spoke in support of LGBTQ+ rights.

“At the request of the individual who requested that the image be taken down, it has been removed and the photograph will not be used by the university.

“The university is proud to support LGBT+ Month and we will continue to do so.”

PinkNews has approached Ginny Lemon for comment.