Drag Race UK’s eliminated queen considered ‘doing a Ginny Lemon’ during lip-sync

Drag Race UK judge RuPaul looks furious.

Drag Race UK’s resident Cornish queen Vicki Vivacious has become the fourth queen to be eliminated from season five after failing to impress the judges with her Fanny Cradock Snatch Game impersonation.

In episode six, which aired yesterday (2 November), the queens had to deliver their best celebrity impersonations, with Ginger Johnson ultimately winning the RuPeter badge. However, fans were divided over the win, with some furiously demanding that Kate Butch should have won for her ultra-masculine Kate Bush performance.

It was only ever going to be two queens in the bottom though, with Vicki Vivacious and DeDeLicious both failing to get a laugh. After lip-syncing to Alexandra Burke’s “Heartbreak On Hold”, it was Vicki who RuPaul eventually told to sashay away.

Speaking to PinkNews and other media following her sad exit, Vicki admitted that she “deserved” to be in the bottom two this week, and knew she was going home “the second [the lip-sync] started” – so almost decided to “do a Ginny Lemon”.

In Drag Race UK season two, Ginny Lemon was put in the bottom two alongside Sister Sister, but left the stage – and the competition – as soon as the lip-sync began. The exit is widely considered one of the most gag-worthy moments in Drag Race history.

“Going up against DeDeLicious is a mission because that queen can lip-sync. It was definitely scary going up against somebody that I knew could lip-sync so well,” she admitted.

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At the beginning of the lip-sync, DeDeLicious pulled chopsticks out of her outfit and poked them to the beat. Immediately, RuPaul burst into laughter.

“I couldn’t see what was happening, but I knew they were laughing. So I knew that something was happening, and I knew that I wasn’t making them laugh. So I thought, OK, I’m in serious trouble now.

“It’s such a lonely moment when you’re on that stage or lip-syncing, you’re really vulnerable. Its the one of the loneliest places in the world when the other queens are absolutely making everyone roar.”

After realising she was going home, she half thought about leaving the stage.

Drag Race UK season 5 star Vicky Vivacious. (BBC)
Drag Race UK season 5 star Vicki Vivacious. (BBC)

“It’s so strange because you almost feel like you want to do a Ginny Lemon, you know, and try and make it iconic and go ‘oh, well, I’m going to be a rock star’ and walk off.

“But then you go, no, I’m going to see out to the end. I came in properly, I’m going to leave properly, and if I get told to go, then it was meant to be. And it really was meant to be.

“It was my time. There’s no way around it.”

Vicki also reflected on the horrid trolling she has received from some in the Drag Race fandom, who took issue with her argument with fellow eliminated queen Banksie earlier on in the season.

“Banksie’s fans have really defended them and I’m so happy, but also, they came at me really hard that week, and I had to learn to get my head around that”, she explained. “But I wouldn’t do anything different. I apologised to Banksie, and I meant my apology.

“I don’t look for hate, but when they come to your profile, and they comment on your pictures? That’s when I find it hard because I’m like, you’ve come to my place of safety, you’ve come to where people love me, to then write on my wall that you don’t like me?

“Don’t come to my safe space and come for me where I’m safe. It’s always from profiles that are private. They’ll never accept anything in their inbox but they’re quite happy to dish it out, you know?”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK continues every Thursday on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

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