WandaVision leak teases more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first gay superhero

Vision in a green suit and yellow cape

A WandaVision leak suggests fans will see the Scarlet Witch’s sons Wiccan and Speed wearing superhero costumes in episodes to come.

Wanda gave birth to twins in episode three, aka The One Where the Weird Alternate Reality Started to Crumble, welcoming Tommy and Billy to Westview.

As fans of the comics will know, the twins grow up to be Speed and Wiccan respectively, members of the Young Avengers. Wiccan is a particular favourite of queer fans as one of the most prominent gay superheroes in the multiverse – who eventually marries the shapeshifter Hulkling in Marvel’s first same-sex superhero wedding.

By the end of episode three of WandaVision, Tommy and Billy’s inclusion felt like a nice Easter egg for fans – props for Wanda and Vision to cradle as they continue down… whatever it is they’re continuing down.

But a leaked set of Funko Pop toys tied to WandaVision appears to confirm we will soon see Wiccan and Speed growing up and donning superhero costume.

The WandaVision toys appear tp depict Billy and Tommy as older children, possibly teenagers, and are marked “Halloween”.

From trailers we already know that Wanda and Vision will don their classic costumes for a holiday special – and now, we know Wiccan and Speed will nod to theirs too.

The latest episode of WandaVision certainly sets the stage for Wiccan and Speed to become the superheroes we know and love. (Warning – mild spoilers follow).

Wanda in a red dress, cape and headpiece

Wanda wears her classic Scarlet Witch get-up. (Disney)

Episode five of WandaVision returned to the sitcom reality after last week’s real-world interruption.

Wanda and Vision are adjusting to parenting – and to the ’80s – with the revelation that the Scarlet Witch’s powers don’t work on the twins.

“Auntie” Agnes is on hand to help out, something that worries Vision. Once again, we see the Westview reality blip as Vision expresses his concern about Agnes holding the babies, prompting Agnes to ask Wanda if they should try the scene again. As a confused Vision starts to ask questions, the babies stop crying and are suddenly five-year-olds.

The episode continues to peel away at the magical sitcom reality (we’re guessing) Wanda has constructed to cope with the death of Vision, ending with a ground-breaking cameo that changes the MCU as we know it, laying the foundations for an entirely new era.

It remains to be seen what part Wiccan and Speed will play as WandaVision series one nears its conclusion – and whether they’re real or imaginary. Based on what we know from the comics, it could be both.

Marvel Comics Empyre #4 Hulkling Wiccan wedding

Hulkling and Wiccan tie the knot in Empyre #4 (Twitter)

A brief history of Wiccan and Speed.

Billy and Tommy were introduced in Vision and the Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 #12 in September 1986.

They were created by Scarlet Witch’s magic using fragments of soul stolen from Mephisto, Marvel’s incarnation of the Devil.

When Mephisto reclaimed those fragments the twins were wiped from existence, driving Wanda mad and causing her to create her own reality: the House of M.

Chaos ensued, and eventually Wanda had her memories of the twins wiped to save herself. Somehow, Billy and Tommy were resurrected decades later: separated at birth, raised by different families, but both with superpowers.

The MCU is getting gayer.

Although Wiccan is the first gay superhero to arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie has been confirmed to be canonically bisexual.

The upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder will see Valkryie “find her queen” as Asgard’s new king, Thompson has confirmed.

Before then, Marvel will release Eternals, which will introduce gay superhero Phastos and his husband.

Sadly, there doesn’t yet appear to be any sign of Marvel adding a trans superhero to the Cinematic Universe – even though there’s a clear candidate lying in the wait.