Margaret Atwood reveals she is, in fact, a cat wearing a human filter after surreal viral Zoom call

Margaret Atwood in a cat hat

Margaret Atwood weighed in on the feline filter fiasco sweeping across the internet by confirming that unlike the lawyer stuck with a cat filter she is, in fact, a cat in disguise.

The 81-year-old pro-trans author of The Handmaid’s Tale showed she’s no boomer as she joked about a viral Zoom call in which a confused county attorney appeared as a kitten during a virtual court session.

“I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” insisted Rod Ponton, which is something a cat would definitely say.

“I can see that,” replied the judge, despite all evidence to the contrary.

The voice of an increasingly desperate Texan lawyer coming from the mouth of a cat instantly became an internet sensation, and within 24 hours the hilarious clip had been viewed and shared millions of times online.

The video of the lawyer stuck with a cat filter soon caught the eye of Margaret Atwood, who just couldn’t resist the chance for some surrealist humour.

“I on the other hand am a cat. I just can’t get this human filter off,” she tweeted to her two million followers.

Which certainly explains a lot, like her inhumanly good speculative sci-fi and her vocal support for trans rights, because obviously cats do not give a damn about gender.

Last year the Canadian author became a tonic as she schooled transphobes with science and logic, enlisting the examples of slug sex, gay penguins and a transgender fish to prove that “biology doesn’t deal in sealed Either/Or compartments”.

And if her followers were in any doubt as to her views, she firmly laid out her position in a November interview about her new poetry collection.

“You can believe all you like that trans people aren’t people, but it happens not to be a fact,” she said. “It is not true that there are only two boxes. So the two questions to ask about anything are: Is it true? And is it fair?

“So if it’s not true that there are only two gender boxes and gender is fixed and immutable, then is it fair to treat trans people as if they’re not who they say they are?”

This is some strong cat energy, because as we all know, cats have no time for transphobes who are certified vibe-ruiners.