Pose star Indya Moore imagines a world without transphobia or white supremacy

Indya Moore opens up about being gaslit 'every day' as a Black American

Indya Moore has imagined what the world would be like if society was freed from transphobia and white supremacy.

The Pose star opened up about the everyday impacts of deep rooted and systemic discrimination in an interview with Dazed.

Opening up about their acting ambitions, Moore said they want to play a superhero, and they also want to continue telling stories about people in “stigmatised circumstances”.

They continued: “I also want to imagine what it looks like for trans people to exist in a world without transphobia. What’s it like to see queer and trans people on film and TV in stories (that aren’t) about their transness?

“What is it like to imagine a world where our stories and experiences aren’t rooted and centred in the fact that the world is still trying to grab hold of our existence? What does that look like?”

When asked what their “ultimate fantasy superpower” would be, Indya Moore said they wished they had the ability to “abolish white supremacy” wherever they see it.

“Any white person that I meet, I’m able to take away their whiteness so now they only understand themselves as a human being in this world, and aren’t empowered (simply) by being white,” Moore said.

“I would just take the white-ideology system and erase it and free white folks from that. You don’t wanna walk around with that. It’s nasty, it hurts people.”

Indya Moore would make trans and queer rights ‘immutable’ if they were president

Elsewhere in the interview, Indya Moore reflected on what they would do if they were president of the United States.

They said they would begin by trying to “create a (path towards) liberation for the Indigenous and people of colour, solve poverty, exercise equity and have conversations about the mass incarceration in the Dominican Republic, and anti-Blackness throughout the Caribbean.”

Indya Moore went on to say that they would immediate make trans rights and queer rights “immutable”.

“These are human beings; you will respect them,” they said, before pointing out that religious freedom and queer liberation “are not mutually exclusive”.

“There are religions that do acknowledge, respect and centre spirituality around gender-variant and trans people. Your freedom to practise your religion is independent to the existence of queer and trans people and their freedom and liberation.”