Dead by Daylight teams up with BTS producer for iconic new K-Pop character

Dead By Daylight

The newest chapter in the online horror game Dead by Daylight begins today and a new killer has been added.

Named ‘All-Kill’, the chapter is set in the cutthroat K-Pop industry and includes new fictional killer The Trickster along with a new survivor, as reported exclusively in IGN.

The game’s developer Behaviour Interactive has also teamed up with Kevin Woo, from the K-Pop band U-KISS, and DJ Swivel, a Grammy-winning, Canadian music producer who has worked with groups like BTS, to ensure an authentic reflection of the industry.

The new killer was a K-Pop idol called Ji-Woon from fictional boyband NO SPIN. “Ji-Woon, who was already vain to begin with, began to feel jealous of his bandmates,” says the IGN reveal. “One day he intentionally let his bandmates die in a fire accident.”

Ji-Woon then became addicted to murder, weaving the screams of kidnapped victims into his music. 

“When the executives of Mightee One caught on, they restricted his creative control over his music, an insult he repaid by kidnapping the board members in an elaborate murder plot. Just as he was about to kill his producer Yun-Jin, however, The Fog called to Ji-Woon to become its next killer.”

Yun-Jin, the band’s producer, is the new survivor added to the game. She’s described as Mightee One’s “biggest hit-maker” who re-branded Ji-Woon as solo act The Trickster following the fire. 

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical online multiplayer game in which one player – the killer – must hunt down four survivors aiming to escape creepy environments. The game is known for including famous horror icons like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, with Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series recently added.

The game is huge with LGBT+ Twitch players, so no doubt this campy K-Pop addition will be a big hit.

The new content is available now.