Gamers are thirsting over Resident Evil’s mysterious new 9ft tall vampire because why not

Resident Evil Village: Fans are thirsting over mysterious Lady Dimitrescu

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series, which began on the PlayStation way back in 1996.

The story of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine exploring a zombie-infested mansion filled with puzzles and traps is a bona fide horror classic with a legacy that will long continue.

After seven main games, countless spin-offs and a movie series, the series is gearing up for the brand new Resident Evil Village. The game looks to combine the best of the series so far: a creepy mansion to explore, a gothic European setting, and the first-person perspective of 2017’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Still, it’s Lady Dimitrescu – a.k.a. tall vampire lady – who’s getting gamers worked up pre-release.

With her impressive height, bulging bosom and iconic wide-brimmed hat, she’s already garnered legions of thirsty fans across the internet since her reveal at the start of the year.

The thirst was so strong that art director Tomonori Takano issued a statement to confirm her height: she’s 2.9m (approximately 9’6”) tall, including her hat and high heels.

“Lady Dimitrescu, especially, has received much fanfare both domestically and overseas, which has made all of us in the development team extremely happy,” reads the statement. “I hear her height is something of interest…”

But who is she and what do we know about her?

So far few specifics are known. Named Lady Dimitrescu, she resides in the mysterious Castle Dimitrescu where Resident Evil Village takes place. The eighth game in the long-running series, players will take control of Ethan Winters – protagonist of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – in first person as he explores the gothic castle. It will also feature series favourite Chris Redfield.

Lady Dimitrescu is joined by her daughters, a trio of younger female vampires. What role this blood-thirsty quartet play in the story is currently unknown.

Players can get a hands-on taste of the game, and Lady Dimitrescu, in the playable teaser Maiden available now exclusively on PlayStation 5. Though it contains no combat, the teaser offers an atmospheric peek at the castle setting and [spoiler] it climaxes with a first glimpse of Lady Dimitrescu – turns out she also has some mighty long nails to claw your face with.

Months after her initial reveal, social media is still filled with Lady Dimitrescu thirst, cosplays and fan art that’s only set to heat up further as we close in on the 7 May release.



Check out the full trailer below for Resident Evil Village, coming 7 May for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. You can preorder it from Amazon or

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