Kate McKinnon and Carey Mulligan star in painfully accurate SNL ‘lesbian period drama’

Kate McKinnon, Carey Mulligan and Heid

Kate McKinnon had queer SNL viewers in fits of laughter with a painfully familiar “Lesbian Period Drama” trailer starring Carey Mulligan.

Riffing off recent hits such as Portrait of a Lady on FireAmmonite and The Favourite, the new trailer asks the question on everyone’s minds: “Will these lesbians be lesbians together?”

Carey Mulligan and Saturday Night Live regular Heidi Gardner play “two straight actresses who dared not to wear make up”. Honestly, we’re disappointed this isn’t a real film.

The trailer boasts “twelve lines of dialogue” in a “two-and-a-half-hour runtime”, with the pair picking rocks together, glancing longingly across a beach at each other and – fasten your seatbelts – grazing fingers.

No queer SNL sketch exists without Kate McKinnon, who is “the one actual lesbian actress as the stone cold ex” – looking impeccable, as always, in a tuxedo. She dated Heidi’s character but unfortunately “the sex was so bad that we broke up even though there’s not another lesbian for five whole countries”.

The trailer builds to a climax with “a sex scene so graphic you’ll think, ‘Oh right, a man directed this.'”

The trailer’s tagline aptly sums up the state of lesbian cinema today: “Lesbian period drama. You get one a year, so make the most of it.”

Of course, gay Twitter is obsessed.

Mostly, people just felt pretty strongly about Kate’s tux, with one tweeting: “Give me Lesbian Period Drama Kate or give me death.”

Many felt duped by the title and the lack of actual periods, and are still “waiting for the SNL sketch about them menstruating together”.

This tweet summed up the sketch perfectly: “Ah yes, cold white lesbians.”

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live has been widely discussed since airing on Saturday (10 April). LGBT+ fans are with this steamy yet hilarious parody and Kid Cudi’s performance wearing a floral dress in tribute to Kurt Cobain.

McKinnon is now one of the most prolific cast members, having starred in nine seasons since her debut in 2012.

She also uses her repertory player spot to take aim at public figures including renowned conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Green, JK Rowling and – of course – Donald Trump.